"Teheran-43": actors. History of the film

In 1980, the movie "Teheran-43" was released. Actors who were shot in this film - N. Belokhvostikova, I. Kostolevsky, as well as the stars of French cinema. The keynote of the film is a song performed by Charles Aznavour, who later became famous. What events formed the basis of the picture? The history of the film is the topic of the article.

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The motif of love became central in the film. It is on it that the events about which the film "Teheran-43" narrates are based. Actors N. Belokhvostikova, I. Kostolevsky played the main roles, namely the Soviet intelligence officer and interpreter from the Persian language. The picture is still historical, that is, it narrates about the events that once occurred. Briefly review the content of the film.


Tehran is preparing a meeting of the heads of the three states. However, on instructions from the Hitlerite leadership, a group of terrorists penetrate the city. She is headed by Agent Scherner. The Soviet intelligence officer, whose role is played by Igor Kostolevsky, is bound to ensure the security of the upcoming talks. However, a complex terrorist operation is not carried out. The organizers of the assassination of Shermer and his assistant Max Richard are able to escape retribution.

Years pass by. Interest in this event is renewed, because the film, which was considered lost, is in the hands of one of the characters in the film, namely Max Richard. The offender decides to sell this media from the auction. The hero of Kostolevsky in the meantime does not sleep. The Soviet intelligence officer also appears at the auction. The end of this story is tragic. As a result of the attempt, Marie, the heroine, played by Belokhvostikova, dies.

The success of the picture

The participation of the stars of French cinema caused a specialinterest of Soviet viewers to this film. Film received a prize at the Moscow festival, as well as many other awards. It was positively received in France.

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3 stars of international level played in the filmTehran-43. Actors Alain Delon, Kurd Jurgens, Claude Jade accepted the invitation of director Vladimir Naumov, which, as already mentioned, contributed to the growth of popularity among domestic audiences. Over one hundred million tickets were sold.

It is worth saying that not only in the participation of foreignstars is the success of the film "Tehran-43". Actors A. Dzhigarkhanyan and A. Filozov created images of scoundrels extremely talented. Without the participation of these masters of acting, the film might soon have lost its initial interest.

actress natalia belohvostikova

History of creation

The film was filmed not in Tehran, but in one of the Moscow pavilions, also in some cities in Europe and the Soviet Union. What formed the basis of the film? Real events or fiction?

There is information that confirms thatthe Germans really intended to conduct a rather complex operation in Tehran, the purpose of which was to eliminate the "Big Three". But this enterprise was blocked by representatives of Soviet intelligence. Thus, it can be argued that the film "Teheran-43" is based on real events.

Most of the filming took place in the capitalAzerbaijan. The ancient buildings, which have external similarities with the Tehran buildings, served as a suitable background for the events described in the picture.

Actress Natalia Belokhvostikova played in the filmthree roles, namely: the interpreter Marie, her daughter and mother. In the film there are episodes that convey the memories of the main character. The role of Marie at an early age in these scenes played daughter Belokhvostikova.

Alain Delon

Involvement of the star of French cinemaseemed a task, from a commercial point of view, not easy. However, the filmmakers managed to solve it. Alain Delon by that time finished filming in one of the famous French films. He had a significant break in his work. So he agreed to the role of an inspector in Fosh. Why did he decide to take part in the filming of a Soviet film? After all, the role of the Interpol employee was rather small? Most likely, the French actor took this decision on the basis of personal considerations. The news that Delon agreed to star in the Soviet film, caused a stir in the French press.

Shooting in France

Separate scenes were filmed in the homeland of Alain Delon. Some of them - even on the Champs Elysees. On the day of filming in the French capital were heavy rains. And so in the center of the city there were not so many passers-by. But suddenly the weather changed. Rain stopped. Around Alain Delon instantly formed a crowd of fans. It was impossible to start work. Later, the actor told V. Naumov: "You will have to change the place of filming ... or an actor."

Igor Kostolevsky

Love story

And, finally, a few words to say aboutthe main characters of the film. The film "Teheran-43" tells not only about important historical events. Central to it was the love story. In many foreign films on terrorism, violence and crime, this topic is absent. Such pictures have, as a rule, a brutal shade. Human life is a small piece of wood in the frightening struggle of dark forces. The plot of the Soviet film is built differently. Love is dying under the onslaught of the unmerciful to violent events. But after all it was ... The film "Teheran -43" still arouses interest of spectators today, because in it there is not only a fascinating plot, but also an intimate love story.

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