The best films about werewolves: the list

Werewolves are popular characters of urban legends and myths of the peoples of Western Europe and North America. The first mentions of them appeared in ancient Rome.

We call a creature a wolf human. Sometimes it can control the process of becoming animal. Or often, these creatures are prisoners of the curse - their bestial nature wakes up with a full moon, regardless of the desires of the curse holder.

Already in the middle of the XX century werewolves appeared in cinema. Most of the films about them are horrors, because these creatures are a direct threat to humans. A werewolf can kill in a bestial rush.

Werewolves, like many mythical creatures, have incredible strength and speed - they are much stronger than any person and are completely devoid of pity in a beast appearance. For people, they are always deadly. In addition, this creature can not only kill, but what's even worse is to turn a person into a similar one.The best films about werewolves, the list, the rating of which will be presented to your attention in the article, will demonstrate to the viewer their world, will reveal their essence. Such films capture from the very first minutes and look at one go.

The best films about werewolves: the list

These films have already become classics. They find their audience among young people and the older generation. Do you like to watch movies about werewolves and vampires? The list of the best (our conditional rating) read below:

  • "Teen Wolf" (1985).
  • The Wolfman (2010).
  • "Wolf" (1994).
  • "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (2004).
  • The Werewolf (2014).
  • Franchise "Another World".
  • "Wolves" (2014).
  • "Van Helsing" (2004).
  • The Twilight Franchise.

And now it is worth saying a few words about each individual.

Little Wolf (1985)

best films about werewolves list

“Teen Wolf” is one of the few films about werewolves in the comedy genre. The leading role was made by the then famous Michael J. Fox. The plot tells about a teenager who on the threshold of his graduation from school learns about animal nature. At the same time, such an entity did not become a curse for the guy, but, on the contrary, helped to gain authority in the school, and more importantly, to get the heart of his girlfriend. In a figurative sense.Previously, the main character could be described as a loser, and now he is a werewolf and a real star.

"The Wolfman" (2010)

best films about werewolves rating list

"The Wolfman" was the restart of the same film, released in 1941. The cinema did not arouse much of a furore, but it allowed to revive interest in the mythical character. In addition, the movie came out pretty scary and gloomy. The highlight was the star cast: Hugo Weaving, Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins and Benisimo Del Toro.

The Wolf (1994)

What else are the best movies about werewolves? The list compiled by us included the picture "Wolf". It can be considered a classic of werewolf movies. The leading role is played by the famous Jack Nicholson. Unlike the previous pictures, where the heroes could somehow control their bestial essence, the transformation here is an extremely cruel process and the subsequent actions of the hero cause horror. In the "Wolf" is much more violent scenes that put pressure on the psyche. At the same time, the "Wolf" is distinguished by a more lively narration, imbued with dark irony and satire.

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (2004)

movies about werewolves and vampires list of the best

Why should the third part of Harry Potter be attributed to films about werewolves? It's simple.Throughout the film, the main events unfold around two werewolves at once, which are relatives of the main character - Harry.

In the story, Harry begins to pursue a large black dog - the grimm, he is also the herald of death in the fairy world. In fact, the big black dog is the werewolf and the godson Harry - Sirius, who can control the appeal. Another werewolf is a professor at the Hogwarts school - Lupine. But, unlike Sirius, Lupine is a prisoner of his curse - he is a lycanthrope who is exposed to the lunar cycle.

"The Werewolf" (2014)

"Werewolf" perfectly shows what one wolf man is capable of. According to the plot, the police manage to isolate a person with incredible strength and bestial habits. Previously, he tore several completely innocent people and most suspect that they are dealing with a werewolf.

It’s not possible to keep the beast for a long time - he kills dozens of policemen and finds himself on the streets of a huge metropolis. Now the werewolf begins to kill even more, and the police must find a creature before the puddles of blood flow through the city.

The picture does not bring anything so new to the category of werewolf films, but it makes it possible to understand how powerful the mythical creature is and what rustle it can make in a big city.

Franchise "Another World"

movies about werewolves and love

Often, characters such as werewolves and vampires exist in the same world, and relations between species are shown as hostile. In the films of the “Other World” series, these creatures have been hostile for millennia. And werewolves for many years were in cruel slavery among vampires.

The role of the protagonist is played by the heroine Kate Beckinsale - a vampire named Celine. The heroine Beckinsale plays a key role in the confrontation, and the outcome of the battle depends on her participation. Werewolves or lycans are represented as rational beings whose main goal is the destruction of the entire race of vampires, in which people sometimes help them.

The last - the fifth film entitled "Underworld: Wars of Blood" was released in 2017. In the future, we plan to shoot the sixth - "Another World: The Last Chapter."

Werewolves and love

movies about werewolves and love list

The victims of the curse of a werewolf are mostly the most ordinary men who are familiar with the feeling of love. After their lives change dramatically after being infected with lycanthropy, they continue to be half people and continue to love.

What else are the best movies about werewolves? Our list will continue the picture "Wolves" (2014).It shows how werewolves can love, and an already infected person is also a werewolf. The main character, Kaidan, once realizes that an animal nature slept in it for many years, and runs away from home after killing native parents in a fit of bestial rage.

Kayden finds a werewolf clan and falls in love with one werewolf girl. After between the young member of the fraternity and the leader begins the confrontation for the beloved.

"Wolves" removed specifically for a teenage audience. The film can not be called gloomy or scary. The key place plays, first of all, the confrontation on love grounds.

Movies about werewolves and love for a mortal girl

“Van Helsing” (2004) is a kind of remake of the film “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, starring Hugh Jackman. The plot tells about the monster hunter - Van Helsing, who is sent to Transylvania in order to destroy the Count Dracula himself. There, Helsing is affected by the werewolf curse. But the curse plays a significant role here, because only this creature can kill Dracula. In the course of the work, Helsing falls in love with the mortal girl, Princess Anna, whose family has been fighting against the prince of darkness for several centuries.

films about werewolves and love

Earlier, the monster hunter fights coolly with Dracula, but already in the second half of the film he is driven by his love for Anna, who is captured by a higher vampire. Despite the fact that Dracula is finally defeated, one should not expect a happy ending for the beloved. And yet, the love line in “Van Helsing” plays a key role, although it ends tragically.

The Twilight Franchise.In its years, a series of fantastic melodramas “Twilight” about the opposition of vampires and werewolves, which began with the love of a werewolf and a vampire for one girl, brought a rustle among teenagers.

Twilight is a screen version of a series of novels of the same name for a teenage audience that has gained success from the female sex and has collected a solid cash register.

movies about werewolves and the love of a mortal girl

Tells the whole series about the love of a vampire for an ordinary girl Bella. At first, the heroine did not even suspect that her lover was a bloodsucker. But even the discovery of secrets did not prevent her feelings. In the future, the girl meets with the werewolves, one of whom also falls in love with Bella, after which the war for the girl’s heart begins.

“Twilight” is one of the best examples where love is undoubtedly the key detail of the story and it is from love that the further development of the plot is built.

The series includes five films, the last one was released in 2012 and logically completed the story of the werewolf's love - Jacob and the vampire - Edward to the girl Bella.

These are the most famous films about werewolves and love. The list of the best does not end there. After all, the popularity of these characters in the mythology, tales and literary works, and in the film industry, is enormous. Especially today vampires are in demand. So much work has already been done, and even the most sophisticated viewer will be able to pick something up for himself. Enjoy watching!

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