The best UV lamp

Manicure with usual nail polish day by daybecomes less demanded, since alternative types of coatings have appeared that last much longer. For a modern woman living in the rapid rhythm of a megacity, the durability of a manicure is very important. Since the time saved on the trip to the salon can be done differently and with great pleasure. And during the holiday season, the coating of shellac or gel-lacquer for pedicure becomes very popular, as everyone aspires to have a rest on vacation and does not care about anything else.

In different salons you can get different resultsfrom such a service - it depends not only on the level of skill of the person who makes the coating, but also on the equipment for polymerization, i.e. solidification. For the drying of shellac, gel-lacquer, biogel, a special UV lamp is used. In it, the nails with the applied coating are placed for several minutes.UV lamp

How to choose an inexpensive, while optimaloption for work? The lower the lamp power, the lower its price, but the longer the time for hardening of the applied layer. Accordingly, the more time it takes for one customer, so buying a low-power UV lamp is irrational in terms of labor costs. In addition, some low-power lamps of 9 watts are not able to dry the coating properly, which subsequently leads to its rapid peeling, which can lead to a rapid loss of customers. The only advantage of such a device is its compactness, but it's a minus, because Dry shellac on your legs will not work.

The most convenient and at the same time accessibleat the price of a UV lamp for nails - 36 watts. Four 9-watt bulbs dry each layer in an average of two minutes. In size, it is larger, which makes it possible to use it for a pedicure. You can find an option in which such a UV lamp is manufactured with a pull-out bottom, which will provide even greater convenience when drying shellac on the legs, since when placing the foot in the apparatus there is a risk of lubrication of the coating.uv nail lamp 36Of course, there is a UV lamp with more power, but if in the priority price of the device, then 36 watts is enough.

Such apparatuses are produced in various forms andcolors, which allows you to choose a device in the tone of the interior of the cabin or based on the preferences of the master. A similar UV lamp for manicure can be used both in salons and at home.UV lamp for manicureFor convenience, some models can be equipped withtimer for 90 and 120 seconds. He may not need a professional, although after turning off the lamp, the customer can turn on the device himself, changing his hand. For beginners, a timer is useful for greater confidence in the result, because a violation of the technology or inadequate aging of the time required for the polymerization can lead to rapid peeling of the coating. The lamp does not need additional accessories, it works from the network. The price at which a UV lamp can be purchased starts from about one thousand rubles and ends with three thousand, depending on the model, which can be equipped with a pull-out bottom and a timer.

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