The biggest traffic jam in the world. Interesting facts about traffic jams

Many would like to travel in ancient times,because it seems that life was much easier then. Clean air, fewer people, and most importantly - no traffic jams! You will be surprised, but the first traffic jams appeared in ancient times. Where did all this begin and where is the biggest traffic jam fixed in the world?

History of traffic jams

The great and powerful Roman Empire is activedeveloped its political and trade ties and for this the roads would be very useful. Even in the V century, the Romans had special rules and regulations for the construction of roads. At that time it was the Roman Empire that possessed the most dense network of roads, which were divided according to the means of transportation along them. So, there were separate roads for horses and chariots.

Under the emperor Caesar first appeared rulesroad traffic, but, despite the excellent transport organization, the first traffic jams also appeared in Ancient Rome. After the collapse of the Empire, the movement in its territories was no longer so stormy.

In the XVII century, with the growth of cities and a clear increasenumber of people, the phenomenon of traffic jams took place again. The carriages, moving around small European streets, often could not pass safely. There were too many of them, which greatly hampered the movement.

In the early XX century, the construction of subwaysbriefly helped to solve the problem of traffic jams, taking over part of the passenger traffic. However, the traffic jams soon returned and are still an unpleasant part of many city residents.

the biggest traffic jam in the world

World records. The biggest traffic jam in the world

People living in big cities, by all meanscollided with traffic congestion. They represent a congestion of vehicles on a separate section of the road. Cars in this case are moving much slower than expected, or do not move at all. The severity of traffic jams is measured by kilometers of automobile chains, or by the time spent in a traffic jam.

The world's first largest traffic jamrecorded in the US, in Washington State. Then, in 1969, a huge number of people hurried to the Woodstock Festival, forming a congestion of 32 kilometers in length.

For residents of Brazil, the cork in Washington would seem like flowers. In 2008, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo recorded the longest congestion in history. The length of the cork was 292 kilometers.

A country that, undoubtedly, beats all records onthe number of vehicles and where the biggest stopper in the world - China - is zafiyusirovna. This cork should rather be called the longest, since the drivers spent about ten days in it. In 2010, the Beijing-Tibet highway seemed to be frozen. The reasons for this were many: accidents, traffic congestion, repair work on the road. Enterprising merchants even organized mobile shops with food.

the biggest traffic jam in the world China

Fighting traffic jams

Road and truck congestiontransport grows exponentially. The largest congestion in China in the world is not a disproving proof. Many countries have already begun to address these problems. For example, in Italy, the center of Rome is forbidden to visit by car to everyone except those living in the area.

People in Beijing can not use their personalauto every day. For each driver there is a separate day in the week when he can use the machine, depending on the last digit of the number. On Monday, for example, only those whose numbers end at 1 and 5, and so on, can ride.

the biggest traffic jam in the world


It is possible to use the car very conveniently andmuch nicer than crowding with strangers in the subway. However, the fact that traffic jams create more inconvenience and take much more time can not be denied. And the biggest congestion in the world, which occurred in Brazil, and the longest in China, only confirm that the time has come for a person to change something.

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