The game "League of Legends" is a guide. Fiora - kerry

Developers of the League of Legendswork on improving the mechanics of the game and correcting the balance of champions. Fiora became one of these changed characters. Revok-guide is aimed at clarifying and processing the style of the game for this hero.

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The most interesting mechanics is shown inskills of the character. It should be noted immediately that the old instructions included tactics that were based on the constant theft of the health of such a character as Fiora. Hyde (forest) was the top one due to this feature. After processing, it was simply unprofitable to beat neutral monsters, and there would be no special benefit on the ganks.

  • Passive skill "Duelist dance" opensthe weak places of the enemy champions who were nearby. Attack in a vulnerable place causes additional damage, heals Fior and accelerates. If you do not hit the enemy in 15 seconds, the direction of the vulnerable place changes. It is worth noting that the vulnerable place depends on the side of the world and does not depend on how the enemy character rotates.
  • "Lunge". Fiora rushes in the direction indicated. After the end of the movement damages the nearest champion and tries to hit the vulnerable point.
  • "Parry". This skill will require you to a certain skill and knowledge of other characters. Fiora gets into the rack for 0.75 seconds. If at that moment she takes damage, she will launch a wave in the opposite direction, causing damage and slowing opponents. When using the control effects on it, the enemy will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.
  • "Master of the blade." When activated, increases attack speed by 50% for the next two hits. The first of them will slow the target, the second - will cause critical damage.
  • A "daring challenge" for 8 seconds allows you to attack the target from either side and at the same time get into a vulnerable place. After the first attack, the field that heals all nearby allies is activated.

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Runes and magic

If you carefully read the guide, Fiora -mobile character who must literally gallop around the enemy in order to cause more damage. To do this, she will need the appropriate spells. Be sure to take the "Jump". If other characters have escapes, then Fiora can use it for attack. As a second magic, you can use "Teleport" to quickly navigate the map.

In addition to standard protective runes, this character should use runes for physical attack. Physical puncturing is not particularly necessary, since when attacking a vulnerable spot, net damage is inflicted.


The need to fight in close combat, and even"dancing" around the enemy makes Fioru very vulnerable. Proceeding from this, the next guide is built. Fiora must have the following set of talents: 18-0-12.

From the first column, boldly take "Fury". The second line is "Feast". He is not very effective, but other talents will be even less useful. The third can be raised "Vampirism". The increase in physical damage is inefficient due to the need to be in the thick of the battle. "Bounty Hunter" or "Persecutor" - choose you. On the one hand, killing all five opponents, you will receive a bonus of 5%, but it is very difficult for Fior. On the other hand, you can get a permanent bonus of 2.5% and just beat the countered opponents. Given the complexity of the mechanics of passive skill, it is the stunned characters that will become your goals. To increase the damage, take "Crushing Blows" and "Dust Battle."

Now let's see what we are offered in the branchprotection "League of Legends." Fiora, a guide on which you read, requires very careful treatment. Therefore at once we take "Restoration". After that, "Hard skin" to better feel in the crowd of minions. Then "Runic armor" to increase the effectiveness of the ulta. We end this with "Insight".

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The assembly of the hero is very simple. Despite the fact that diversity is the hallmark of the game "LOL", Fiora, the guide on which you read, is going very monotonously. All efforts are aimed at increasing the damage.

At the beginning of the match, buy the "Blade of Doran". When you need a free cell, you can sell it. The rest of the assembly might look like this:

  • "Titanic Hydra."
  • "Shoes of impetuosity." More speed and less deceleration effects. Useful for dancing near the enemy.
  • "Black ax".
  • "The Test of Steraka" will save your life more than once.
  • "Dead Man's Armor" will cause more damage. Given that Fiora attacks with "clean" blows, the effect will surprise you.
  • "Bloodsucker" will serve as a good substitute for "Doranu".

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Advantages and disadvantages

It's time to take stock of what the guide has said. Fiora is a difficult character to master, which will require his owner considerable skills and knowledge of the mechanics of other heroes.

  • High damage.
  • Advantage in the battle one on one.
  • High mobility.
  • Excellent heal.
  • Low manat.

All these advantages you might notice by reading the guide. Fiora, despite them, remains very vulnerable and ineffective in large batches:

  • Dependence of damage from the random environment and the appearance of vulnerabilities on the enemy.
  • There are serious opponents against whom almost nothing can be done.
  • Little on what affects in team battles (if not counting the heal from the ulta).
  • Difficulty in mastering.

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