Biography of Olga Yakovleva

Olga Yakovleva is a talented Soviet actress who has managed to become famous thanks to many bright and inimitable roles in cinema and theater. Her creative journey began as early as the sixties, but even now, fifty years later, she continues to please the admirers of her talent with new roles as well.
Her acting work does not fade over the years, and therefore today the story of her creative fate will be as relevant as many years ago. After all, Olga Yakovleva and in our days remains a real star of the theatrical scene - a bright and inimitable actress who is hard not to admire.

The early years, childhood and the family of Olga Yakovleva

Our today's heroine appeared in a simple Soviet family, which, however, was remarkable at once by several talented personalities. So, the father of the future actress worked as a commercial director at various Soviet factories. In this capacity, he achieved some success, and therefore many successful enterprises of the USSR always wanted to see him among their employees. For this reason, their family had to move frequently.
Olga Yakovleva - the legendary Soviet actress in her youthOlga Yakovleva - the legendary Soviet actress in her youth
Thus, during her childhood, Olga Yakovleva traveled to many cities and republics of the Soviet Union.
The young girl always loved her father, however, despite this, she tried more to imitate her mother - an ordinary school teacher who organically combined the qualities of a teacher, educator and organizer of children's theater activities. Mom of the future actress has always loved children. Subsequently, this trait passed on to our today's heroine.
On the advice of her mother as a teenager, Olga Yakovleva began attending classes in theater studios. The first successes came very soon, and therefore subsequently the future star of the theater stage did not even doubt that she would one day become a successful and popular actress.
After graduating from high school in the former capital of Kazakhstan, our today's heroine entered the Alma-Ata Theater Studio, working at the local youth theater and a few years later graduated with honors. Together with a diploma in theatrical education, Olga received from former teachers an offer to stay in the theater as a permanent actress.However, at that time, the girl already cherished dreams of conquering Moscow, and therefore politely refused such a flattering offer.
Olga Yakovleva - presentation of the Crystal Turandot award
Having left Kazakhstan, our today's heroine moved to the Soviet capital and some time later entered the Shchukin Theater School on the course of A. Borisov and I. Rapoport. In 1962, the young actress received another diploma, and only then went to look for work. Some time later, she got involved in the Leninsky Komsomol Theater, on the stage of which she played her first professional roles.

Olga Yakovleva's career in theater and cinema

From the very first days, the famous director Anatoly Efros became the mentor and patron of the young actress. Together with him, our today's heroine worked on the staging of her first theatrical performances. Together with him, he subsequently moved from the Lenkom Theater to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya.
On this stage, the actress played from 1967 to 1984, having performed many bright and truly successful roles over the years. Glory and popularity of the actress brought such performances as "Three Sisters", "Napoleon First", "Summer and Smoke", "Box",
Actress Olga Yakovleva is popular thanks to the work in the theater and in the cinema.Actress Olga Yakovleva is popular thanks to the work in the theater and in the cinema.
During this period, many theater critics of Moscow started talking about Olga Yakovleva as one of the most prominent actresses of their time. Her characters and her roles were characterized by internal depth, versatility and clear impulsiveness. The talent of the actress developed from one role to another, and over time the rich inner world of her heroines became more and more noticeable.
In the early seventies, the actress began to harmoniously combine roles in the theater with movie roles. For the first time, her longtime friend and mentor, director Anatoly Efros, helped the actress to appear on the big screen. It was he who invited Olga Yakovlev to her first television films.
Subsequently, our today's heroine often collaborated with him, but did not refuse offers and other directors. During her career, the actress has starred in almost twenty different films. This experience has become important in her life. However, at the first role in the life of the actress has always remained the theater.
In 1984, our today's heroine moved to the Moscow Theater on Taganka, and a year later received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
Olga Yakovleva has many well-deserved awardsOlga Yakovleva has many well-deserved awards
In 1987, her career began a long break, which was associated with the death of her longtime friend, director Anatoly Efros. After his death, the actress moved to France, where she lived for several years.
Our today's heroine decided to resume her theatrical career only in 1991. In subsequent years, the actress played on the stage of two theaters - the Mayakovsky Theater and the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. During this period, Olga Yakovleva received several prestigious theater awards, among which two Golden Turandot awards, the Golden Mask Award and the State Prize of Russia (for her role in the production of The Last) were distinguished.
In addition, in the 2000s, the actress received the Order of Honor and the Order of Friendship, which were awarded to her for her many years of service to the theater arts.
Olga Yakovleva worked together with such Soviet actors as Valentin Gaft, Nonna Terentyeva, Lev Durov, Leonid Bronevoy and others.

The personal life of Olga Yakovleva

Almost all her life, Olga Yakovleva has been married to an outstanding Soviet footballer, Igor Netto. They did not have children, however, despite this, lovers always lived in perfect harmony.The actress told about some features of their life together in the autobiographical book “If I knew ...”, which was released in 2003.

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