The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology

Astrologers generously endowed the zodiacal signscorpion with precious stones-talismans, giving a large and diverse choice. This aquamarine, ruby, garnet, beryl, moonstone, hematite, rock crystal and topaz.

Zodiac Scorpio - the origin ofowes to the ancient Greek myths. In one of them it is narrated that hunter Orion insulted the immaculate goddess of hunting Artemis, and she sent him death by the bite of a scorpion. These mythological characters and gave the name to the constellations.

Born under the sign of a scorpion people (autumnthe zodiacal month falls on October 23 - November 21) - passionate, life-loving and strong in all its manifestations. They constantly strive for self-improvement, not forgiving the manifestation of weakness neither to themselves nor to others. Very persistent and selfless, scorpions are considered passionate advocates of justice, ready for compassion and empathy, but not for self-denial and self-sacrifice for others, believing that everyone must solve their problems.

Bright, passionate personality - scorpion stones onThe horoscope prefers saturated blood-red flowers, or, conversely, transparent white, golden or blue, embodying the impeccable purity and strength of ice.

Pale blue, like a drop of the purest sea water,aquamarine - helps to cope with unbridled passions, directing them into a creative channel, love relations are gradually translated into deep feelings, and passionate lovers make true spouses, odnolyubami.

Transparent with a light golden reflection of topaz -very useful stone scorpion. He develops intuition, enhances a sense of compassion, softening the excessive criticality and straightforwardness of this zodiacal sign. Topaz gives its owner generosity.

Shining with the purity and brilliance of the crystals of the mountaincrystal - another talisman of the scorpion. The whiteness and the crystal clearness of the crystal seem to resist the dense, rich dark red stones that have the energy of fire. Crystals of crystal remind that there is another world, colder and quieter, but just as beautiful and majestic.

Blood-red coral - stone-talismanromantics and sophisticated natures. Strengthening and sharpening romanticism in scorpions, the coral softens too strict and critical representatives of this sign, endowing them with the wisdom of philosophers and the corresponding attitude to life.

Stone scorpion ruby, red, like a drop of blood,has a powerful energy. Strong and cheerful scorpions, he inspires feats, supporting in them strength and passion, helping to cope with doubts and prompting the right path.

Another scorpion stone with strongmagical properties and bright as a dark thick wine, color is a garnet. Since ancient times, it is believed that the garnet gives its owner health and vitality, which sometimes the scorpion is very scarce. After all, their lives, constantly saturated with events, often lead to a complete decline of power and emotional "burnout." Scorpion girls can benefit from garnet in finding love and a long and happy family life.

Scorpion stone hematite - black, shinya stone of graphite color with dark red glows. Since ancient times, it is endowed with a powerful energy power and healing properties. But the energy of hematite must be felt and managed. This stone perfectly suits the strong and persistent in overcoming difficulties scorpions.

A set of mascot stones, magical propertieswho are called upon to help energetic and persistent, and at the same time very vulnerable and selfish scorpions in overcoming difficulties and in a deeper understanding of life, is not accidental. All the stones of zodiac scorpions have powerful energy, strong healing and astral properties.

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The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology The stone of the scorpion. Magic stones and astrology