"The Witcher-3": reviews of players and critics

Lovers spend their time as something unusualyou have to get acquainted with hundreds of reviews to find a decent game and spend your free time on it. Games there is a huge amount - take any and go through all the tasks. But each user has his own requirements for media resources: to be interesting, fashionable and bring aesthetic pleasure (beautiful graphics, characters, era, the world and so on). The real action among gamers was the new RPG "The Witcher-3". The feedback of millions of participants around the world divided into two parts. There are those who praise this project, and those who saw in it flaws, nuances and some flaws. How many people, so many opinions, but still this game deserves attention to find out what gamers think about it and what quality it really is.

About the game

Multiplatform role-playing game from CD makersProjekt RED was released on May 19, 2015 and was able to immediately become the most popular on the market RPG. Today, the developers claim that the legendary continuation of the two parts has already brought more than $ 4 million, and this fact already speaks volumes about the game "The Witcher 3". Reviews even about the plot itself are divided into positive and negative. What is it really? The plot is very interesting, and there is a lot of evidence for this. First, it involves an exclusively fantasy world with a swirlingly twisted string. At first it may be unclear what the new hero's goal is, but the situation with each new step will be clarified and acquire a completely different coloration than at the very beginning. The plot, as in the previous parts, is very intriguing: the character for which the participant will play is the professional assassin Geralt. His main prey is the monsters that have captured this crazy fantasy world and dictate their conditions. But Geralt's goal is completely different: to find the sacred child described in the prophecy as the seed of a new life and peace.

The Witcher 3 reviews The world to be explored is huge squares, commercial cities, pirate ships and mountain trails, as well as hundreds of caves and underwater water areas.

Positive aspects of the game

But why did the game "Witcher-3" fall in love? Feedback from users who have already been able to appreciate all of its components, noted a number of key features that this RPG possesses. So, the most significant detail of this game is the story line and the character. Geralt is a hired assassin, but what should he do with his character and way of life? Users celebrate a special bloodthirsty style, that is, they have to play the game already for a professional who has a perfect blade and different types of combat. Due to the fact that the main character all his childhood absorbed only training and fighting skills, blood and sweat, he was able to have other interesting abilities. These are elixirs, combat magic and so on.

Details that are hard to miss

But is it really necessary to study all the time all the time?the available abilities of Geralt in the game "The Witcher 3"? Reviews of thousands of users are sure to note another feature of the game - this is a constant development. Each player will have a feeling that Geralt is unlimited in his skills, that he has everything to crush terrible monsters. Most importantly, every victory will bring not only bonuses to experience, but also money, gold.reviews about the game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt These values ​​can easily be exchanged for equipment, improve it to the maximum and become invincible.

What awaits the participant?

According to the words of marketers - this is a complete action,a huge number of bonuses and the highest score, but the participants who have already installed the game have tried themselves in it, there is another opinion about the game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt". The reviews mark the rapid development of events. The player has to be in very different places very quickly, probably, that's why it was the key to the success of the game: the participant does not sit still, he is constantly on the move, exploring new territories, destroying terrible monsters there and getting quite decent money for his work, which all will always be small.

But there are a number of interesting points thatthe participants note. This is work with traitors. In fact, these are contracts, where you, Geralt, are the executor. You have to work with the commander-traitors, do very dirty work and sometimes make decisions that are far from good and evil and all these heart-rending stories, which are pretty much in the game "The Witcher-3: Wild Hunt". Reviews of thousands of players also talk about tasks - about their great diversity. The player can choose among the entire list of "offers" the most tempting and proceed to its implementation. For example, you need to get an elf weapon.Witcher 3 on xbox one reviews For this, it is necessary to include the work of the "soul"Geralt and find a child who, by order, is the world's salvation. And, interestingly, in this game, each participant chooses whether this world of salvation is worthy or not, which means that there is an alternative - on which side to go.

Great game world and stunning graphics

But what else can you pay attention to by readingreviews about the game? "The Witcher-3: Wild Hunt" has become a true record among the new RPGs. In addition to the dashingly twisted plot, the graphics are impressive in this game - well-defined, clear and very saturated. The artists clearly tried and singled out every detail. For example, you go to the vast expanses and you see this fantasy world in all its colors - bright, saturated and so clear. This is not the 2000s, when you could thoroughly consider only the silhouette of a person.Witcher 3 wild hunt player reviews Here already, every wrinkle on Geralt's face is visible,every monster hair is drawn and has its place. In the world of this game there is not only darkness, but also stunning sunsets, which can be enjoyed by real aesthetes - connoisseurs of beauty.

Bleed the character

But what else can please the participants of the game"The Witcher-3: Wild Hunt"? The feedback from the players speaks about different details and moments of the game, but what many have noted is the pumping of the character. Yes, Geralt himself is a hardened, real steel, but miss training or picking plants for a potion, and it becomes weaker in the eyes. Bleed the character goes quickly, and you can do it in different directions, but real gamers know a lot about their work, so they can tell one trick.The Witcher 3 wild hunt reviews PS4 If you want to pump your characterquickly and see a tangible result in this, then you need to first carry out secondary tasks, and then the main ones, so that the level of pumping will grow faster.

Super abilities that delight participants

Also there is one more moment in the game "The Witcher-3".The feedback from players often points out that the use of Geralt's "special" view allows you to quickly find outlets and passes, for example, to see a hatch in the garbage boxes in the garbage area, through which you can shorten the path or get monsters into a trap. The sight of the witcher is endowed with special power: he can see what is impossible to see with the naked eyes, and the more often it is used, the better it is developed.The Witcher 3 on ps4 reviews

What do the participants say?

Today the network is well developed, there are manyforums and blogs, where players can express their attitude to the project "The Witcher-3". Reviews about the game of this type really pleases. A lot of admiration and joy about the graphics and the plot, but what the players do not hide yet is the complexity of the levels. That is, over the passage seriously have to break his head. Not all levels can be passed from the first time, not every stage is given in the passage, as it is required to increase the level of their abilities, that is, pumping. This is interesting, because the process is addictive, you can enjoy your favorite game as much as there will be free time.

But it's also good that this projectmultiplatform - you can go through the game "The Witcher-3" on the Xbox One. The feedback from hundreds of thousands of users speaks of impeccable quality and, importantly, of an interesting soundtrack. Heartbreaking cries, groans, squeals - all this will excite during the game and create the appropriate atmosphere. Being engaged in such entertainment, it is possible to receive enormous pleasure.


It is worth studying more about how and wherethe game "Witcher-3: Wild Hunt", reviews. PS4, Xbox One, as well as PC and Playstation are the main platforms that can be installed. The main point is that this whole procedure is carried out quite quickly, that is, launched, installed and started playing. There should not be any corrections and contributions here, probably, that's why the Witcher-3 on PS4 is most popular. Reviews of players who have tried on themselves all the delights of this wonderful game, often note the absence of lags. The picture is not broken, there were no moments when bugs suddenly appeared (for example, Geralt never got stuck in textures and layers). The installation process itself is standard, so you do not need special skills for this procedure. On any platform, installation is carried out, which means that everyone can try themselves in the role of hired assassin, bloodthirsty and monstrous.

What do critics say?

Any new development falls under the sightscritics. And, most interesting, they paid enough attention to the game "The Witcher-3". Critics' comments can not but rejoice. After all, even the most spoiled gamers could find in this game the pros and reason for reflection. As critics say, this action, a first-person horror, is quite cruel. This is so often not enough for ordinary players - to be on the side is not good, but evil. Feel yourself a real villain and realize even in such a role of your character at 100% can be in this game. In general, this detail is very pleasing, yet not every day we want to be kind and save the world. Maybe the planet in general is unworthy that after the apocalypse on it someone stayed - this is up to the player throughout the game. Critics, like thousands of ordinary players, note the high-quality and hyper-realistic picture of the game. Spending time for such a toy is very nice. The soundtrack deserves an evaluation of "10". Even the rustle of grass from accidental touch will be heard and reproduced.

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" reviews Critics do not stint on praise, but stillconsider a small nuance of particular cruelty, which in the game is very, very much. As the developers then replied: "Better let all the cruelty be in the virtual world than in the real world." It is difficult to disagree with this.

A small total

But if you summarize all the reviews, it becomes clear,that the game "Witcher-3" is almost perfect. The shortcomings in it are so small that they simply fade under all the other pluses and bonuses. Critics fully agree with thousands of ordinary gamers and confirm the fact that the project "Witcher-3" is worthy that everyone could try himself in such an unusual role. Geralt is really an interesting character, and the plot line in the third part is at odds with the two previous ones - now there is a purpose for all this, not only money and a greed, but higher moral values, although they each have their own. Undoubtedly, if there is an opportunity to test yourself in this game, it needs to be done. The sea of ​​impressions is waiting for every player already in the first stages, which will necessarily be tightened into a fantasy atmosphere and will be enjoyed by any of its moments: both terrible monsters, and vast expanses and so on.

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