Themed birthdays. Scenarios, birthday party options

Themed birthdays are very interesting events that can bring a lot of pleasure not only to children, but also to adults. That is why there are a number of topical issues. In particular, the question of what are the options for celebrating a birthday.

How difficult it is sometimes to surprise modern children. Festive cake, balloons and fireworks have become commonplace for them. In this regard, thematic birthdays are becoming quite popular. What should parents do when the next birthday is approaching?

What to do

themed birthdays

Of course, the gift has not been canceled. Here you can give a lot of advice, but the main thing is to try to inadvertently find out the wishes of the birthday man himself.

But what about the holiday itself? After all, just setting the festive table and inviting relatives is not an option for a child at all.And if you invite all of his friends, then your house can turn into Kulikovo Field.

Parents will be helped by original themed birthdays. The choice of theme depends on the age of the baby and his gender.

So, for very little themes fit, inspired by their favorite fairy tales. And for teenagers, the search for the treasure is relevant. Moreover, the tasks themselves are also selected by age. Believe me, even the most capricious teenager will join in the gamble associated with the search for something. An excellent option would be a birthday in the style of a particular holiday, or rather, its organization.

We make up the plot

birthday in style

For a start, it is worth deciding what exactly fascinates the child at the moment. It may happen that your son or daughter has a clear interest in a certain area.

For example, the kid became interested in fairy tales about princesses, an older child is interested in machines. Well, many people love computer games. It is also possible to beat.

And nothing about the pirates, robots, Batmen and magical beauties.

Having decided on the theme of the holiday, we come up with a script. Take into account such moments as meeting guests, a small holiday table and competitions.

Moreover, it is the contests worth paying the lion's share of the entire holiday. Properly organized birthday will be remembered for a long time not only by the birthday man, but also by his friends.

Holiday decoration

Birthday party

Scenario themed birthday can think of in advance. In addition to an interesting plot, it is worth decorating the room where the birthday will be held, in the appropriate style. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. You can buy ready-made kits, and you can do everything with your own hands, attracting a child to this cause.

Joint activities and preparation for a fun day brings children and parents closer together. You will spend a lot of fascinating minutes while you prepare the details.

Balloons. It seems to be so trite. But, as practice shows, balls always remain a hit at any children's holiday. Therefore, do not abandon them.

Think of the little surprises that you will be giving to the children for their tasks. How nice it will be for kids to get a gift on someone else's birthday.

And now we will consider an example of a thematic birthday on the example of the holiday "Fashion Girls".

Fashion girls

Age - about 10 years.

Paul - girls.

By the way, if suddenly there will be boys at the festival, they can be trusted with the role of a journalist or photographer of a glossy magazine and hand over a camera.

The idea will appeal to those girls who dream of mother's cosmetics and love to try on trendy clothes. If your child does not dream at all about new clothes and he has other interests, you should think about another idea.

So, if your daughter is a young fashionista who is constantly spinning in front of a mirror and having many such fervent girlfriends, it is worthwhile to bring the idea to life.

Preparation for the holiday

themed birthday script

You need to prepare the following details.

  1. Paper dresses in full size (2 pieces).

Take a sheet of drawing paper, draw a sketch of the dress and paint in one color. Then cut and attach in a visible place.

  1. Needles, threads and buttons (according to the number of guests).

Here you also need to prepare the necessary number of patches of fabric.

  • Pick up puzzles on the theme of "clothing" and everything connected with it.
  • Sets of children's cosmetics.

It is desirable that the total number of items is enough for all participants and there is still a little bit left. Then the elements of children's cosmetic bags will go to girls as surprises.

  1. Combs, hairpins, elastics, bows.
  2. Markers, pencils.
  3. Clothes (dresses, ribbons, scarves, belts, kerchiefs, beads).

In this case, be guided by what is available in your home.

  • Choose the right music.

No special instructions. Remember the preferences of girls.

  • And, of course, a festive table. You can make a pizza main course. Then call the banquet "Farewell, waist."

By the way, if there are boys at the holiday, then after the role of the photographer, let them take on the role of waiters.

We meet guests

themed birthday in nature

Every guest is immediately met with a tape and a notepad.

Let the daughter measure their girlfriends, and the mother writes the parameters in a notebook.

As soon as everyone has gathered, announce that you have held a casting in the model agency "Fashion Girls". According to the results of the selection all go to the next stage.

We start the show

birthday party options

So, all the girls passed the casting, and now they are given the job.

  • Decorate the dress.

In this case, we will need prepared sketches of the dress. The girls are given pencils and felt-tip pens, glue, scissors and colored paper.

Participants need to be divided into two teams, and let them do it. Of course, friendship will win.Although, perhaps, the girls themselves decide that someone's dress turned out to be more beautiful.

A little rest

The main rule in the organization of any celebrations - the alternation of active competitions with calm. Thus, you will control the behavior of children and do not let them rage.

After decorating the dress, invite the girls to sit in a circle and make puzzles with them.

After that, distribute threads, needles and cloth scraps and arrange an individual contest “Who will fasten a button faster and better than anyone”.

Fashion show

Well, your guests have warmed up, it's time to start the main action. Together, prepare and arrange everything you need: dresses, jewelry and children's cosmetics.

During this pause, talk to the girls about fashion shows, models. At the same time learn that your children know about all this.

Tell the guests that they can choose what they want from the whole, and show their costume to the public. When showing mom plays the role of a commentator.

You can use expressions such as: perfect color choice, good romantic style, perfect sharpness of lines.

After the show, give all wet wipes to remove excess makeup. Believe me, the girls will try.

Young fashion designers

After such a stormy competition it's time to relax. Tell the guests that they can all try themselves as fashion designers.

Give each person a landscape sheet, pencils, and markers. Suggest to draw the original outfit. And then by voting, select the best.

Hairstyles competition

Finally, you can arrange a contest of hairstyles. To do this, select models and hairdressers. Give out combs, bows, hairpins ...

Do not hesitate, hairstyles will be beyond praise.

Themed birthdays. Festive table

Finally, it's time to invite guests to the table. Do not think that such a long wait is tiresome for children. This adults go to visit to eat. Kids come to have fun.

But you shouldn't leave the kids hungry either. In this case, the main dish we will have pizza. You can cook several different species.

Do not forget about water, juices. In addition, sliced ​​fruit is required. A good option would be a themed birthday in nature.

And the table looks quite original, with many small portioned pizzas. And the big one is taken out with candles that the birthday boy blows out. Why don't you have a cake?


So, the topic of this article was thematic birthdays and their organization. What have we learned? It was told that it would be necessary to arrange a birthday in the style of a particular holiday. Special attention was paid to the issue of meeting guests. It was told how best to celebrate a birthday, what items to prepare for this. It is also important to prepare the premises for this event. In general, all the points that are somehow connected with the question of how to prepare a birthday celebration, we have dismantled in detail.

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