Tom Cleverly and the school uniform

We will not study the biography of English player and talk about how beautiful midfielder Tom Cleverly. It's about school clothes. Each child is different in its own way, and from childhood it starts to develop certain tastes in clothes. The Russian manufacturer of clothes for children and teenagers Cleverly helps to emphasize their style and make the right choice.

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Initially, under the brand name,exclusively school uniform, but as the demand and development of the company increased, quality and stylish outerwear, underwear, things for the home and accessories began to be produced.

Cleverly: school uniform

Each collection is created taking into account trendsEuropean fashion and adapts well to the school uniform. The manufacturer considers that it should not only be stylish, but practical, wearable and comfortable. The peculiarity of the Cleverly range of clothes is that the models are created both for the typical figure of the schoolboy and for the physique.

Quality requirements here are really high, everything should be perfect:

  • quality of materials;
  • perfect landing;
  • functionality;
  • competitive cost;
  • excellent sewing;
  • practical fittings.

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Cleverly is first and foremost an elegance thatIt is traced in each collection and a separate thing. For schoolgirls, there are fashionable jackets, trousers, skirts, sarafans, dresses and vests. Of accessories - backpacks and bags, belts, suspenders.

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The boys' collections include: Classic trousers, shirts, shirts, suits of different shades. Designers of the brand are convinced that the sense of style is brought up from childhood, for this purpose they develop elegant clothes and accessories for children of different ages. Despite the fact that the brand is consonant with the famous British name Tom Cleverly, the athlete has nothing to do with his creation.

Cleverly products are fully certifiedGosstandart of Russia. All fabrics, removable products, accessories and accessories undergo a serious check for compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards for the manufacture of children's things. Under this brand, two main collections are created: spring-autumn to 14 years of age and teenage school wear to 16 years. The form of "Cleverly" has been recognized in many European countries.


Amazing "mix" of English style and children'sWits are embodied in the production of outerwear. The brand name is based not on the name of the player - Tom Cleverly - and the literal meaning of the English word "clever". In addition to consumer characteristics and high quality, the coats and jackets of Cleverly differ at surprisingly low cost. High thermal insulation properties are provided by natural wool.

And the shoulders of kids do not get tired of heavy things,Unique processing of materials reduces the weight of a child's coat several times, without reducing the ability to store heat. Elegant outerwear fits well not only with the school uniform, but with any other for everyday wear.


This season, designers are inspiredserene children's mood. We do not know, maybe some of them are inspired by the Briton Tom Cleverly, but, as before, models of children's clothes are exquisite, practical, silhouettes are laconic and elegant, the lines of cut are flawless, planting is ideal. For a basis in this season gray, black and noble blue colors are taken.

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As in adult fashion, the children's can be tracedthe tendency to wear summer dresses in winter. In combination with cardigans, tight pantyhose and knitted sweaters, an impressive silhouette is created. Cardigan will maintain the optimum temperature in the winter cold, and bright prints will cheer up on any frosty day.

Knitted school uniform remains at the peakpopularity for many years, thanks to its high thermal insulation characteristics and practicality. Knitwear looks good in different colors, emphasizes the dignity and hides the shortcomings of the figure.

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