Treatment of a common cold at home.

We all know the feeling when you can nottake a breath due to the fact that the stuffy nose, and an endless annoying runny nose makes you angry. This is an unpleasant, painful condition, which, as a rule, is still accompanied by deterioration of the general condition, malaise, sometimes headaches and other manifestations.

Runny nose develops against a background of viraldisease, as a protective mechanism, in which the mucosa becomes loose and thickens. Thus, the body is protected from further infection, this is also manifested by coughing and sneezing. During a viral illness, the nasal mucosa is swollen due to the inflammatory component, and there is already an effective cure for the common cold.

Treatment of a common cold at home.

In modern medicine, often prescribe at the rhinitis immediately sosudosuzhivayuschie drops, not knowing whether it will help or worsen the condition of the patient.

In order for the home treatment of the common cold to beadequate and effective, and most importantly did not hurt, you can in the first two or three days to shake vasoconstrictive drops, such as: Naphthyzine, Nazol, Nazivin, Galazolin, Sanorin, etc.

However, for people with chronicrunny nose, these drugs become life-saving circle, the patients cease to breathe and live without them. They become vital to them. But, if you look at it better, the drugs of this group do not lead to recovery, but, on the contrary, make a person dependent on these drops. Burying drops in the nose, breathing becomes freer, it's more fun to live, as soon as the effect of the drug ends (usually after 3-4 hours), all the symptoms come back. And, besides, on the pathophysiological level, this process only supports a slow inflammation in the nasal mucosa.

Thus, we came to the conclusion thatsosudosuzhivayuschie drop is not an exit at a cold. Of course, if you have a strong mucous discharge from the nose, then in the first three days you can use them, then it's better to leave them, otherwise dependence will develop.

In addition, with the long-term use of such drugs, gradual atrophy (dying) of the mucous membrane occurs, as a result of which the sense of smell is broken, and the hopes for cure all decrease every year.

As for the treatment of a common cold in the homeconditions, old grandmother methods can help here. It is best to use aloe juice, a plant that, for sure, grows either in your window or in the village with relatives. It has juicy leaves, in which there is a "miraculous" juice. To get rid of the aloe juice from the leaves, it is necessary to rinse the leaves and crush them well, then squeeze and get a drop for the nose. They need to be instilled one drop into each nostril three times a day. It acts quickly and is not addictive.

Here are a few old recipes for treating the common cold at home.


Everyone knows the method of inhalation (inhalation) of vaporsboiled potato skins. It is known that in the peel of potatoes are contained phytacides, substances that relieve inflammation and reduce edema of the mucosa. Breathing becomes easier and the condition improves.


Another fairly effective and effectivethe way to treat a cold at home is a boiled egg. You need to cook a couple of hard-boiled eggs, wrap them with a handkerchief each individually and attach to the wings of the nose on both sides. So you need to keep it until the eggs get cold. This is a very good way to warm up the sinuses and prevent sinusitis.

If all of the above treatments are nothelp, and the rhinitis does not decrease, it is necessary to consult a doctor for an otolaryngologist to undergo a course of medical and general treatment under his supervision.

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