Vitamins Elevit Pronatal: composition, instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Pregnancy and childbirth are perhaps the most crucial stage in the life of every woman. And in order for this process to take place without any kind of unpleasant surprises and end with the birth of a healthy baby, the future mom should take care of her health. And it is necessary to start addressing this issue at the planning stage of pregnancy, in order to prepare your body for intense “work” in providing yourself and the developing new person with all the necessary nutrients, microelements and vitamins. In addition to a healthy diet and a properly distributed time for work and rest, it is very good to take any vitamins (if the doctor deems it necessary). One of these drugs is Elevit Pronatal, which is ideal for future moms and nursing women.


Elevit pronathal composition

The composition of this vitamin-mineral complex is quite extensive. It includes 12 vitamins, 3 micro and 4 macronutrients. The volume of each of the elements included in the vitamins for pregnant women "Elevit Pronatal" (the composition is most often indicated on the package) is strictly calculated and is ideally suited for optimally effective therapy and preventive measures for beriberi.

- Retinol (vitamin A): its presence is necessary for the successful synthesis of proteins, lipids and mucopolysaccharides. The full functioning of the organs of vision, the normal condition of the skin and mucous membranes of the young mother is also impossible without the participation of this element.

- Thiamine (vitamin B1): normal functioning of the heart and central nervous system.

- Riboflavin (vitamin B2): cellular regeneration (repair of damaged cells) of the skin and tissues.

- Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5): promoting the metabolic processes of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

- Pyridoxine (vitamin B6): support the structure of teeth, bones, gums, help in the functioning of the central nervous system.

- Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12): stimulates the functioning of the central nervous system.

- Folic acid is involved in the formation of red blood cells and is very important for the full development of the nervous system of the child.

- Ascorbic acid (vitamin C): suppresses inflammatory processes, takes part in blood coagulation, stimulates resistance to external infections, improves capillary permeability, normalizes tissue regeneration processes.

- Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3): phosphorus-calcium balance in the body. Lack of this element in children leads to rickets, in adults - to osteoporosis.

- Tocopherol (vitamin E): is involved in protein synthesis and the formation of hemoglobin. Minimizes the risk of blood clots, reduces elevated blood clotting. Stimulates the formation of cells and their growth, the development of the gonads and vessels, ensures the normal functioning of the cardiac skeletal muscles. The lack of this substance, which is part of the Elevit Pronatal vitamins, in the first trimester of carrying a child can cause spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

Elevit pronatal composition manual

- Biotin (vitamin H) is involved in the assimilation of proteins, is involved in various metabolic processes in the body.

- Nicotinamide (vitamin PP) supports the processes of reduction and oxidation, promotes the movement of hydrogen and phosphate.

Mandatory presence of calcium is necessary for the formation of high-grade bone tissue, normal functioning of the heart, blood clotting, reduction of smooth and skeletal muscles. Also in the process of creating tissues of bones and muscles, the presence of magnesium is necessary, which, in addition, is involved in protein synthesis.

Elevit Pronatal (the composition of the complex confirms this) includes phosphorus (formation of bone tissues and teeth, participation in energy metabolism), iron (oxygen movement), manganese (improvement of bone mineral composition), copper (participation in iron metabolism and functioning). erythrocytes), zinc (formation of the child's skeleton, minimization of the risks of the appearance of a number of fetal defects).

What about iodine?

elevit pronatal composition iodine

As you know, a pregnant woman should receive at least 200 micrograms of iodine daily. The dose, in principle, is small, but, nevertheless, with food (even with the most diverse), it is not obtained. The situation is even worse in those regions where the natural content of this element is reduced (water, plants, animals). And in “Elevit Pronatal” the composition does not contain iodine.What is the way out? Since iodine deficiency is dangerous not only for a woman, but also for a developing child (mental retardation, congenital malformations, tumors in the thyroid gland), the problem can be solved by taking iodine-containing drugs (for example, “Iodomarin”).

Sphere of influence of the vitamin-mineral complex

The drug “Elevit Pronatal” contains the composition of the drug in such a way that it can be taken both at the planning stage of pregnancy, during the process of carrying a child, and during breastfeeding. Specific problems are solved in each specific period. At the planning stage of conception, the deficit of a number of important and necessary substances, vitamins and elements is compensated for. During the period of the 1st trimester of pregnancy decreases the risk of intrauterine abnormalities and defects in the developing baby. In the future mother during this period, the drug will help to cope with toxicosis and anemia (if there is one). During the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, Elevit Pronatal effectively meets the increased needs for vitamins and trace elements in mom and baby. After the birth of the child, the complex helps the mother's body to replenish its own reserves of vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Release form and features of admission

Vitamin-mineral complex is produced in the form of oblong biconvex tablets with a shell (color - grayish-yellow). On one side of the pill is applied risk. The smell is either absent or barely visible. In one blister can be 10 or 20 tablets. In one carton can be packaged 30 or 100 tablets. Elevit Pronatal is always accompanied by instructions for use (composition, indications, contraindications - all important information should be taken into account).

Dosage regimen of the drug - 1 tablet per day. You need to take after meals (15 minutes later) and be sure to drink a small amount of water. The duration of the course of taking vitamins is at the discretion of the attending physician.

When planning a pregnancy, the recommended duration of taking vitamins is 3 months before conception.


The vitamin-mineral preparation "Elevit Pronatal" has a fairly extensive composition, therefore, a certain list of contraindications for the use of this medication takes place.

maternity vitamins elevit pronatal composition

It can not be taken in patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components of the Elevit Pronatal.Do not prescribe it to women with hypovitaminosis (ultra-high-dose intoxication of one or several elements) of vitamins A and D. The use of the vitamin complex is also unacceptable for those who have elevated calcium levels in their blood, or with more urine in their urine. Urolithiasis is also a reason for not taking this medication.

Do not prescribe "Elevit Pronatal" and those who have deviations in the process of absorption of iron and calcium. Kidney and liver failure will also cause failure to take this complex.

Possible undesirable effects

Developed complex "Elevit Pronatal" for pregnant women. The composition takes into account all the needs of the body of a woman who is carrying or already nursing a baby. In the bulk of cases, this drug is well tolerated. However, in isolated situations you can hear about small gastrointestinal deviations (in particular, about constipation). Allergic manifestations such as itching and skin rashes are rarely mentioned.

The presence of riboflavin in the complex can cause urine to stain yellow.

Consequences of overdosing

It has already been said earlier how extensive the composition of “Elevit Pronatal” is. The instruction clearly indicates what the permissible daily dose of the drug. If all recommendations of the doctor and instructions are followed, then the occurrence of cases of overdose is very unlikely. If for some reason the fact of exceeding the permissible dose occurred, the symptoms of vitamin A and D hypervitaminosis are most often manifested: headaches, dyspeptic manifestations such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation. In such cases, taking the medicine "Elevit Pronatal" should be stopped and consult a doctor.

Interaction with other substances

elevit pronatal composition reviews

Elevit Pronatal (the composition of the complex is detailed above) iron and calcium can significantly reduce the absorption of tetracycline antibiotics and fluoroquinolone derivatives. Ascorbic acid increases the effect of sulfanilamide drugs and may cause the development of negative manifestations on their part. Drugs that contain magnesium, calcium and aluminum can interfere with the normal absorption of iron, which is part of the drug Elevit Pronatal.

Parallel use of this drug and diuretic drugs from the thiazide group may cause an increase in calcium in the blood. The combination of “Elevit Pronatal” and other vitamin-mineral complexes is unacceptable. If some other drugs are prescribed with vitamins, it is optimal to withstand a time interval of 2 hours between taking the medication.

Similar medicines

Elevit Pronatal for pregnant women

A similar composition with “Elevit Pronatal” is available for a number of medicines. The most famous and frequently used are “ElevitaVitrum Prenatal”, “Perfectil”, “Multitabs Perinatal”, “Supramin”, “Revalid”, “Complivit“ Mama ”,“ Pregnavit ”,“ Gendevit ”,“ Multiproduct for pregnant women ”. However, it is worth noting that it is not worth making the decision to replace the Elevit Pronatal product with any of the most widely promoted counterparts. The health of an unborn child is too serious a question to take full responsibility without first consulting a doctor.

Price range

Among the whole mass of medicines for pregnant women, practically if not the best, then very, very effective - Elevit Pronatal.Composition / price - categories that have an optimal ratio for this kind of medicine. This is not to say that this complex is especially cheap. A pack of 30 tablets will cost 380-425 rubles. 100 tablets will cost 960-1050 rubles. However, the wide range of “Elevita” will relieve a pregnant woman from having to take several vitamin complexes at once in order to provide herself and the child with all the necessary substances and elements.

Opinion of patients about the drug

elevit pronatal composition of the drug

Quite a lot of women took on the orders of the doctor in the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding vitamin-mineral complex "Elevit Pronatal." The composition (reviews of medical workers most often focused on this issue) is quite broad and quite capable of providing the pregnant woman's body with all the necessary elements. Patients note that the drug is well tolerated, almost does not cause side effects, maintains well-being at the proper level. Even the fact that the complex is assessed by patients as expensive did not become a reason for abandoning the “Elevit Pronatal” product and replacing it with a cheaper one.

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Vitamins Elevit Pronatal: composition, instructions for use, analogs and reviews 74

Vitamins Elevit Pronatal: composition, instructions for use, analogs and reviews 42

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