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Ways to watch TV

There are three conscious ways to watch TV.

In essence, this is the same way, but at different stages of the workout, it looks different.

First you watch tvwith the sound off.

About half an hour a day, your favorite shows.

When the thought arises that something important and interesting is being said on TV, you realize it at the moment of its appearance and thereby neutralize it.

First, you will break down and turn on the sound, but gradually you will get used to it.


The main thing is to not have feelings of guilt when you can not resist


At first this happens to everyone, even with llamas.


Then you start watching tvwith sound on but image off.


Finally you startwatch off the TV.


This is, in fact, the main technique, and the first two are preparatory.


You watch all the news programs, but you don’t turn on the TV.

It is very important that at the same time there is a straight back, and it is best to fold the arms on the stomach - the right palm from the bottom, the left from the top.


This is for men, and for women the opposite.


And not for a second distracted.

If you watch television for ten years in a row at least an hour a day, you can understand the nature of television. And everything else, too.

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