We study how to access your page in "Contact"

So, today we will talk with you about howgo to your page in "Contact". The fact is that with this simple action, not all are familiar. True, there are several stages that need to be passed. It is them that we will now do.

What is it?

But before you go to your page in "Contact", let's talk about what it is and what it means. So, let's get going.how to access your page in contact

To start with, every user whodecided to use a social network, will have to fill out a special questionnaire. It displays the data that a person wants to communicate to other people about himself. For this, there is "my page" in "Contact". Open it is very simple, but more on this later. First let's figure out what specific information this section contains.

In the "my page" section you will see: their own "wall", photos, friends, personal information (interests, tastes, school, university, place of work, etc.) that were brought in, avatar, name, status, groups, music, video and even gifts given to you by other users. In other words, this is your profile. But how to access your page in "Contact"? Let's figure it out!

check in

First, you will need to register in the social network. After that, you will be able to open your profile. How is this done? We'll see and understand.

First you need to visit the "VKontakte" site. Look at the right side of the screen. Here you will see the so-called fast registration. It's wonderful, we need it. Enter here your name and surname, click on the appropriate button. After that, you will be offered 3 steps: add classmates, classmates and complete the process. The first two points can be omitted. in contact login my page

If you decide to immediately begin the endprocess, then select your country of residence and enter your mobile phone in the desired field. You will receive a special confirmation code. Kill it in the required field and complete the registration. Now you can only use the "VKontakte" - "Login" function. "My page" will become available to you immediately after authorization. True, here there are several options for the development of events. Let's see which ones.

No problem

Well, now we are already registered insocial network and even entered their login and password. If you installed and saved the correct contact, "My page" without a password will be displayed in a few seconds. That is, right after the authorization you will have a personal profile. But let's think about how to go to your page "VKontakte" in other ways. After all, there are several more approaches.


So, since our today's theme is not thatotherwise, as the "face" of the profile, then, of course, it must first be filled. So now let's try to get into the editor. Go to the website "VKontakte": "Login" - "My page". Now look what you got. contact my page without password

At best, if you have just passedprocess of registration, you will have a school, high school and a few friends you added. Your entered name will also appear as the topmost line. On this all - no information in your "card" will not be. I need to fill out a profile! But how to access your page in "Contact", or rather in its editor?

Look at the list on the left, which opensafter you are authorized in the social network. Found there the inscription "my page"? Excellent! Now to the right of it should be written "red." Click on this label. Before you open the profile editor. It remains to enter the desired data and save it. But how to return to your page? Click on the inscription "my page" - now before you will be filled out a questionnaire with information. But that's not all. Let's see how to access your VKontakte page from your mobile device.

Mobile phone

So, what to do with the mobile version of the site? There's no "my page" here. Nevertheless, you can look at your own profile without any difficulty either from a computer or from a mobile device. Let's see how this is possible.

To get started, you need to log in tosite. Now before you open the news. No editors or inscriptions "my page". Want to see your profile? Then just click on your own name, which will appear next to your avatar. As a rule, these data are in the upper left corner of the mobile version of VKontakte. Pressed? Before you open your page.in contact my page open

But how can you access it?editor? Is it possible to make corrections directly from the mobile version? Of course. However, first you will need to go to your page. Now look carefully at the displayed information - it is divided into small blocks! On the right in the corner is the inscription "Ed." (or "edit"). Click on it - you will be in the editor. That's all. Now you know how to go to your "VKontakte" page in all ways.

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