Wedding nails: photo of exquisite designs

Brides tend to be irresistible toTheir wedding overshadows everyone around and rivet the gazes of the guests. But the choice of dress, hair and shoes is not enough. To accomplish this task, you need to pay attention to such trifles as the design of nails on a wedding day.

Difficult choice

Wedding nail design is not able to surprisereal regulars of beauty salons. Girls who regularly build a plate, try different methods of applying varnish and glitter, experiment with coloring, it is much easier to pick up the perfect manicure for your celebration. They will not have to long and painfully compare the marble manicure with the water, "broken glass" with a gradient.

How to distinguish all these designs from each other, how to choose the perfect kind of nails for a wedding? We will describe this below.

Nails with pattern and rhinestones

"Broken glass"

In 2018, this wedding design of nails (photoyou can see below) is gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because it looks like a manicure is rich and exquisite. But the most important advantage of "broken glass" is its appearance, which will emphasize any wedding image.

Nails "Broken glass"

The reason why women choose this design,simple: the brides wear a white dress and, as a rule, want to see on their pens a light manicure that would perfectly match with the attire. However, a simple jacket is pretty fed up for everyone, so girls prefer "broken glass", as it adds a touch and color to the image.

Such wedding nails are easy to make and inhome conditions, especially if the girl is fond of this kind of skill. To do this, she will need a UV lamp, a strong gel-lacquer, a special foil of the type of "broken glass." Most effective is the design on long nails, as it is possible to achieve an original and full-fledged pattern. But you can make such a wedding manicure and for short nails: either increase the plate with a gel, or choose a foil with a smaller pattern.

Marble marigolds

This design is easy to imagine, because it looksa manicure like a nail plate was changed to a carefully polished piece of marble. Unlike the first variant, this kind is done a little longer and more laborious. It is advisable, if before the celebration, this procedure will be performed by a nail-stylist, since it is possible to spoil not only the manicure, but also the mood of the bride.

Marble manicure for a wedding

To achieve marble nails, you do not need touse a ready-made stencil or foil. The pattern is applied manually using a sponge and a bowl of water. This technique is complex and time-consuming, but allows the master to achieve the most similar texture with marble. From the bride depends only on what shades she wants to see on her nails, because you can make an imitation of a white stone with a gray, blue, pink, turquoise hue. Manual technology erases all boundaries!

Quilted manicure

These are universal nails for the wedding, whichare very popular with brides. The manicure itself is a pattern that resembles a small piece of cloth and large stitches. The main features and distinctive features of the design - the presence of bands forming diamond patterns, and a three-dimensional texture.

Quilted manicure white

A perfect result can only be achieved withthe presence of gel-varnish, since the usual coating can begin to chip and flake. All you need to create this design is a special adhesive tape. And the principle of such a quilted manicure is quite simple. Firstly, the master first processes the marigolds, and then applies a lacquer base, a single-colored gel, thin strips of adhesive tape and again a one-color varnish. Each layer is carefully dried in a lamp, so that the gel firmly "sat" on the plate. Secondly, that the diamond pattern was visible, it is recommended to choose different colors. For example, the base is white, and the geometric figure of pink tones.

Popular French manicure

Wedding jacket on the nails always looksexquisitely and exquisitely. In addition, this design extends the marigold and looks very neat with the image of the bride. Thanks to the latest technology, you can achieve the perfect manicure, which emphasizes the emphasis on the ring finger. Then the girl will be able to show off not only a carefully selected ring, but also an original pattern on her gentle hands.

French manicure suits absolutely everything,because it is only a covering of the plate with a transparent or bodily varnish, as well as the allocation of the tip of the nail in white in the form of a crescent moon. Such wedding nails (photo can be seen below), although they look simple, but they are always able to give lightness, purity, femininity to the bride. The same jacket is so versatile that it looks gentle even on very young girls who want to come to the celebration as a guest.

Popular design of nails - french

Piece of art

Nail-stylists every year are allmore talented, and proof of this - their beautiful works, where all the patterns are not made with a stencil or foil, but with a brush. Masters began to resemble real artists, and each of their nails is a separate work of art. Of course, to make a design of handwork, it takes a lot of time, patience and money, but the result is worth it.

As an example - a composition, where nail-stylist onNails draws original flowers - roses, orchids, peonies. The highest skill can be considered the design of nails, where the pattern is made of acrylic, making the nails look bulky, elegant and attractive.

Nails are covered with acrylic 3D

Since acrylic is a strong material, then from ityou can make a drawing of any complexity. If desired, you can make a slight, barely noticeable, pattern on the nails. And for those who want to make a manicure part of the wedding dress, the perfect 3D flowers, decorated with sequins or glitter.


This manicure, perhaps, one of the most popularand spectacular. The reason for this love of girls to the gradient is that it looks extremely gentle, exquisite and unusual. By itself, design represents a smooth transition from one color to another, where there are no clear contours or boundaries. The colors at the same time are combined so perfectly that it is even difficult to imagine how they look apart from each other.

Gradient manicure is difficult to findstandard wedding attire, so he preferred those brides who decided to add a little raisin to their image. For this they use transitions from white to pink, from soft blue to yellow or light green, and the most risky and liberated ones make a bold design, where each nail differs from each other only in tone.

Nail design - gradient

To achieve the ideal gradient, you can use either a sponge and strong varnishes, or a ready-made stencil, which is applied to the main coating and fixed with a base layer.


Sequins are an indispensable component of anywedding dress. Let them even in a small amount, but there will be some glittering details in the image. Therefore, brides boldly choose the design of nails, where the nail-stylist applies either alluvial glitter, or applied to the adhesive tape.

Apply glitter to the nail

If you combine the sequins with the usual gel-varnish,then you can achieve the perfect manicure, which will attract the attention of all guests and employees of the registry office. The color of glitter is usually selected in accordance with the theme of the celebration itself, make-up and accessories, but silver, white or golden sequins are very popular. And that such a manicure looked even more spectacular, it ends with rhinestones, glossy or matte coating.

Wedding nails, contrary to popular belief, are an important part of the image. The bride's hands are always in sight, so it is not permissible that they are not decorated with an ideal design.

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