What are the types of curtains

It has long since passed the time when windows of houses are notwere covered with light curtains or heavy curtains. The more developed humanity, the more comfortable living conditions it created for itself. Each people has its own traditions of construction and decoration of premises, and, of course, types of curtains. Without them, any interior will not become harmonious.

Textile decorations create a special atmosphere inroom and able to emphasize your personality. Do you want to add elegance to your room? Then you should consider in detail the types of curtains to choose the most suitable option for your interior.

French chic

This people has always been considered a trendsetter. It was France that was famous for the most luxurious interiors and new outfits for beauties. Even traditional curtains amaze with luxury. This cascade cloth, collected with the help of cords along the entire length in beautiful festons. French curtains will be a wonderful frame of tall and large windows. They are decorated with large rooms of theaters, hotels and grand rooms. These types of curtains are ideally combined with antique furniture and spacious rooms.

Japanese Panels

Strictness and minimalism is inherent in the homes of the countrythe rising sun. The main emphasis is on the texture of natural fabrics, simplicity and practicality. Japanese curtains - a fabric stretched on the frame or strip of material, reinforced with slats from above and from below, which move along the ledge with a rail. A big plus of this type is diffuse lighting, very pleasant and comfortable for the eyes.

Curtains in classic style

It is a universal kind that can not only hideyou from prying eyes, but also decorate any room. Classic curtains can be complemented with a lambrequin, brushes, fringe, draperies and folds. This gives the whole design a complete look. To produce them, the material is used in a variety of textures and colors, which allows you to choose the ideal finish for each room. Cornices can be straight or curved, in some cases covered with a cloth. The classic version of curtains is a combination of several fabrics, different in texture. Thin and weightless material serves as a protection against extraneous views. And dense cloths framing a window, are an ornament and can hide a premise from solar beams and drafts.

Austrian and Roman types of curtains

Beautiful window framing options. Both types are made from rectangular panels. Austrian curtains are raised with thin cords. They pass through a chain of rings on the underside of the web, which are arranged strictly vertically. Raise this curtain can be at any convenient height. The bottom will consist of lush festons. By removing the fixed cords, you can completely close the window with a cloth.

The design of Roman curtains looks strictly andstylish. The rectangular panel is provided with small plates sewn along the side cuts and supplemented with rings through which cords are passed. By tightening them, you raise the curtain, forming the correct horizontal folds.

Playful curtains "cafe"

Small and light curtains, decoratedlace, assembly, ribbons or embroidery. They are suspended from the cornice, which is fixed not on the wall, but directly on the window frame. Curtains "cafe" use to decorate the interior of the kitchen or living quarters, located on the ground floors. They cover only half of the window and do not interfere with the passage of sunlight, hiding you from the looks of passers-by.

Curtains - roll

Direct cloth, which is equipped with a specialmechanism that allows you to fold the fabric into a neat roll and fix it over the window opening. It is most often used in office premises. Such curtains can completely protect you from everything that happens on the street.

While creating an interior, pay attention toon the decoration of arches and doorways. Do you want to create a luxurious interior and transform the room? Sometimes it is enough to sew the curtains on the door using the same material as when decorating the window. From the remaining flaps, make several covers for the cushions and place them nicely on the couch or bed. Small and well-designed decorative details can bring harmony to any room.

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