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What dreams of a stranger man? These questions are asked by many. After all, there is nothing surprising when a lady dreams of her friend or husband. Another thing, if we are talking about a stranger. In many dream books it is written that such a dream can be unfortunate, but we will not be so categorical. Often the interpretation of the dream depends on its details, so do not rush to conclusions.

what is the dream of a stranger man

Good luck and trouble

Regarding what dreams an unfamiliar man, in the dream books there are different opinions. For example, Small Veles dream book interprets such a dream as a forerunner of failure and unpleasant gossip. If, at the same time, the stranger also enters into a fight, it means that in no case can the dreamer in reality get involved in a conflict - he is fraught with great danger. In the Erotic Dream Book it is said that an unfamiliar man can foreshadow a new pleasant acquaintance and exciting changes in sexual life. However, this prediction has weight only if the dream dreamed of a young and unmarried girl. Unplanned, and therefore even more intriguing meeting can change her life forever.In Miller’s dream book, a stranger promises positive changes in the dreamer's life in general and financially in particular. Especially if the dreamed subject is young and attractive. But if the guy in the dream turns out to be untidy and repulsive, wait for the trouble.

Different versions

In the dream book of the Wanderer, his understanding of what the unfamiliar man dreams about. It says that he personifies a certain character trait of the dreamer, which will make itself known in a short time. In this sense, it is interesting to watch a stranger in a dream. After all, from his behavior depends on what kind of character, good or bad. Grandma's dream book in a dream about a stranger sees a warning to young girls from a dissolute life. Apparently, a young person can dream of a person who will cause many problems for her. Pregnancy is the most unpleasant of them, and it is about this that the watchful dream book warns.

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Opinion of the psychologist

The most profound interpretation of what the unfamiliar man dreams about is given by psychologist David Loff. He claims that for a woman, a stranger in a dream is a symbol of the masculine principle hidden in her. Carefully looking at his appearance and behavior, sleeping can find the answer to many of her questions in real life.The brink of attitude to this image will prompt her how to behave in this or that situation. Such an interpretation is a reason for serious philosophical reasoning, which may take more than one day. Perhaps they will be useful.

Kissing with a stranger

In the dream books there is also an answer to the question of what dreams of kissing an unfamiliar man. If a young girl dreams that she kisses with a stranger and is disgusted at the same time, it means that in reality she is waiting for a break with a regular partner. Even if she likes the caresses of an unfamiliar man, this dream brings trouble. Passionate kisses with a stranger in a dream promise the appearance of a rival capable of destroying tender relationships. Only sincere love and devotion will help to overcome future obstacles.

what do dream strangers dream about

Even kisses with a stranger foreshadow for the girl a short-term and very sensual relationship with a man. If she is not looking for a serious relationship, then this is good news for her. Otherwise, she should not pin high hopes on a new and promising acquaintance. A kiss against your will is a sign of great trouble. This means that in real life a man is in danger.

Forbidden embrace

If kisses in a dream with a stranger foreshadow misfortune, then the embrace does not entail any problems. The answer to the question “What a dream - an unfamiliar man embraces” depends on the details of the dream. If a woman in a dream sees herself in the arms of a complete stranger, it means that only pleasant impressions and positive moments await her in reality. If he is also gray-haired, he will be asleep until old age. When a lady herself hugs a stranger in a dream and tries to warm him, she should wait for the guests to come in reality. The main thing is that this dream does not wear sensual coloring, otherwise its interpretation may be completely different. But the negative impressions of an unexpected hug in a dream promise trouble at work. In the near future, the dreamer must be very careful in communicating with colleagues.

why dream of kissing an unfamiliar man

Intimate contact

Sex with a stranger is interpreted as a reflection of the adventurism and ingenuity of the psychoanalytic dream book. What dreams of a man stranger, entering into an intimate relationship with a dreamer? It all depends on the impressions received from the dream. If you wake up unsatisfied, it means that in the future you expect minor troubles and quarrels over household trifles,on which you should not pay attention - everything will pass by itself and will not leave any negative consequences.

It is bad if a dream about sex with an unfamiliar man dreams of an unmarried woman. This means that insincerity and deception on the part of a partner await her. The dream warns that the dissolute life will not bring it to good and may adversely affect the reputation, as well as cause unwanted pregnancy.

dream book what dreams a man unfamiliar


An aggressive stranger can dream of great danger. If a successful young man sees that in a dream he is being pursued by an armed stranger, then in reality he has accumulated many detractors and envious people who are ready to declare themselves at any time. Their appearance can be fatal for the career growth and financial capabilities of the sleeper. However, if in a dream the dreamer managed to escape from the pursuer, it means that in reality he will be able to overcome all obstacles and win over his rivals. The aggressor who caught you up in a dream is a very bad omen. It entails major trouble at work and in personal life.


Now you know what dream unfamiliar men dream about.There are many interpretations, and they all have the right to exist, but to find the right answer, you should listen to your own heart - it will never deceive. Freud, for example, believed that the images that come to us in dreams are projections of our subconscious hopes and anxieties. Following his logic, a woman can see her ideal partner in a dream in a strange man, and a man can see a potential rival. Like it or not - you decide. Have a nice sleep!

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