What dress to sew?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 18, 2013
What dress to sew?

Dress is the most feminine outfit. There is a large number of the most diverse models of dresses. But there are basic styles in them. Changing in these styles different parts, you can create other models. Deciding which style of dress to choose, it is worth considering the main ones.

The main models of dresses

  • Straight dress. It is a classic dress with a straight silhouette. Sometimes this dress can be supplemented with a belt.
  • Fitted dress. As a rule, such a dress fits at the waist, and the skirt can have a variety of forms.
  • Empire dress This dress has a high waist and freely falling hem with beautiful folds.
  • A-line dress. It has the shape of the letter "A". In a waist and in the top part such dress fits a figure tightly. The skirt is the main accent and has a flared look.
  • Princess dress This model is a one-piece dress that fits on the waist and hips.
  • Greek dress. Lightweight fabric is used to cut it. The dress has a very high waist and floor length.
  • Dress-year or mermaid dress. This dress completely fits the camp and expands below the knees.
  • Sheath Dress This is one of the most popular models. As a rule, its length is up to the knee, there are no sleeves, and the collar has a classic round neckline.

How to choose a dress model

Thinking about what kind of dress can be sewn, it is not enough to know the various models of dresses. When choosing a style one should take into account the peculiarities of the structure of his figure. If you want to hide extra kilos, then you should not choose a tight dress. It is better to give preference to a loose fit, as well as a dress with a tulip skirt or frilled.

The choice of fabric for the dress

After you have decided on which dress to sew, you need to choose a fabric for sewing. First of all, keep in mind that the more complex the model is, the thinner and softer the fabric should be. If your dress includes a large number of draperies, frills or ruffles, then you should give preference to such fabrics as chiffon, natural silk or acetate, crepe and thin taffeta. In the case when there is a need to hide fat on the waist, but at the same time you want to emphasize the figure, you must choose a dense taffeta for sewing. It will help the dress to keep its shape and perfectly draped in tight folds.

If you are thinking about what fabric to sew a dress that will become a real decoration of your wardrobe, then you should prefer silk. No wonder he is called the king of fabrics. Silk is very durable, lightweight and breathable. A dress made of silk can have a complex structure. The folds on this dress will look flawless. However, it should be noted that silk, like all natural fibers, is very easily wrinkled.

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