What for or why?

Svetlichnaya Lydia
Svetlichnaya Lydia
December 24, 2012
What for or why?

This is an axiom: why do we write the adverb together (why lie?), And the pronoun with the pretext we write separately (what is the turn?). But the difficulty lies precisely in the ability to distinguish the adverb itself from a pronoun with a preposition.

In order not to be mistaken in the writing-separate writing, it is necessary to correctly determine the part of speech. Here are the signs that the adverb “why” can be recognized in the text:

  • unchangeable part of speech;
  • indicates the signs of action, sign and subject and answers the questions: how, when, why;
  • has no endings;
  • formed from other parts of speech.

The adverb “why” is written together: “Tell me, why did you come?”.

The pronoun with the preposition is written separately: “For what I went, I found it” (proverb).

To determine how to write - together or separately, you need to carefully look at the context in which you use "why" and ask a question to him.

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