What is a hurricane, tornado and storm?

As much as the Earth exists, so much and there are various natural phenomena on it. Both individuals and entire nations have suffered for centuries and continue to suffer from natural phenomena. For example, a hurricane, storm, tornado, or other disaster could strike the Earth. Some mistakenly believe that these are different names for the same element, but this is not the case. In this article we will try to make out what makes them different.

Hurricane Characteristics

What is a hurricane, and what is its strength? This is a wind that blows in a spiral, while its speed can reach about 32 meters per second. In its epicenter is relatively calm, as it is a zone of low pressure. There is usually a clear breeze and clear. The diameter of the epicenter can range from 15 to 40 km. Due to the low pressure in the center of the hurricane, sea water is easily absorbed and tends to the top, then it rains down on the earth from the clouds that surround the hurricane. The weather can change dramatically, as it does not stand still, but moves.Duration can be 8 days or more!what is a hurricane

Hurricane and man

In the United States of America hurricanes are usually assigned female names. For example, Hurricane Katrina, which swept over the state of Louisiana. Unfortunately, then the local people themselves felt what a hurricane was and what its destructive effect was. As a rule, where these natural disasters occur, people do not build expensive stone or brick houses, since debris can cause serious harm to health. There are inexpensive wooden buildings that are easy to restore after such phenomena of nature. So what is a hurricane? This is a terrible element that can cause enormous damage and take away the lives of people.

What is a storm

A storm or, as sailors call it, a storm is when a very strong wind blows, about 25-35 meters per second, and is accompanied by heavy rainfall. Storms arise as a result of the collision of cold masses of arctic air, which moves in a southerly direction, and humid warm air, which is sent from the tropics to the north. These two streams collide with each other. At the top, a zone of reduced pressure is created with powerful winds.When the arctic and tropical air collide, they mix and form cumulus clouds, from which then showers and heavy snowfalls fall on the ground.hurricane weather

Storms are tropical and subtropical. By their destructive power, they are not inferior to hurricanes, although they are arranged differently. If we consider what a hurricane is, it becomes obvious that it resembles a donut. Once on one edge and experiencing the power of the elements as the hurricane moves, you can find yourself in its epicenter, and then on the other edge. Perhaps the storm looks easier. Rather, it can be compared to a wall that is moving. Therefore, when sailors meet her at sea, they may decide to sail towards the storm in order to pass through it. On land, you can do the same. It all depends on the situation.

Tornado is a dangerous phenomenon

Tornado is a very terrible and at the same time beautiful manifestation of the power of nature. He can rightly be called a monster. If a storm and a hurricane for those who hit them are formless, then the tornado has a clear form. It looks like a funnel, which stretches from the clouds to the ground. Its height can be 1600 meters and a diameter of 50-500 meters. In this case, the tornado is constantly moving at a speed of from 25 to 66 km / h.It is worth noting that the speed inside the funnel is much higher, about 500 km / h.hurricane storm tornado

A tornado appears as a result of a collision of cooled air that descends to the ground from a cloud, with warm air rising from the ground. At this meeting, a whirlwind appears. Since the air inside the funnel is rarefied, it is able to drag inward everything that it encounters in its path. It all depends on the strength of the tornado. There were cases when trucks and cars got inside. This monster can cause great damage to various buildings and kill people. I am glad that this element is raging for a short period. Usually, after passing 25-50 kilometers, the tornado calms down and disappears.

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