What is a report?

Practically in all types of activities,work with one or another type of reporting. Take this lesson seriously. After all, based on the reports evaluate the productivity of the work, conduct its analysis. Let's figure out what a report is, what types of reports there are and in what areas they are used.

A report is a written or oral report on thea specific issue that is based on documentary data. Already from the definition it is clear that all reports are divided into two large groups: written and oral. Written, in turn, can be concise or deployed. The report can be called in different ways: in science - a report, in the army - a report. Reports can be written either in an arbitrary form or in accordance with the legislation.

Types of reporting

Depending on the volume, reporting can beprivate and general. In the first case, the reports include only those details that characterize the work of a specific structure of the enterprise (department, department, department, etc.) or a specific area of ​​its activities. The general reporting is dedicated to the work of the enterprise as a whole.

Based on the purposes of compilation (appointment),the reporting is divided into external and internal. External reporting is needed for the interconnection of the enterprise and users, partners or government structures. It serves to inform them about the results of the activities and property status of the company. Internal reporting is conducted to optimize the management of the firm, develop plans for its further development, analysis of activities.

Also, reports can be classified according to thefrom the period that they embrace. This parameter distinguishes between periodic and annual reporting. Any report on which an intra-annual date is delivered is called periodic. The time intervals depend on the report type. It can be day, week, decade, month, quarter, half a year.

Financial statements

Careful maintenance of financial statements is an indispensable element of a successful operation of the enterprise. After all, the movement of funds - this is one of the main indicators of the company's activities.

There are four main groups of financial statements:

  • balance sheet - in these reports, in terms of money, they express information about the assets and liabilities of the company;
  • report on financial results - in themindicates the income and expenses incurred / borne by the enterprise for a certain period of time. At the end, indicate the financial results, which represent the amount of income (with a + sign) and costs (with the sign -);
  • report on changes in capital - it displays information on the movements of the statutory, reserve, additional capital and the movement of retained earnings or uncovered loss;
  • the report on the flow of funds - contains the data of the differences between the inflow and outflow of money for a certain period.

Medical reporting

In medicine, too, the essence.t their specific reports. For different types of medical institutions the state puts forward its reporting requirements. Such documentation is necessary for the analysis of the prevalence of various diseases, throughput, volume of activity, control over the number of personnel, material support for hospitals, polyclinics, and so on.

Reports in the education system

In the form of reports, information is provided onfunctioning of educational institutions. The reports are written by both educators and the management of the institution, as well as by representatives of the Ministry. They reflect the data on student performance, their number, conduct extra-curricular educational activities, authoring programs, the success of students in various competitions, the organization of practices.

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