What is a sequel?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
January 26, 2015
What is a sequel?

Some film fans are interested in what a sequel is. This word comes from the English "sequel", which literally means "continued." If you "dig" deeper, it becomes clear that the sequel is the continuation of any work of art - a book, film, cartoon, etc.

What is a sequel to a movie or a book?

In the sequels of feature films or books (novels, detectives, etc.), the storyline of the first work continues, based on the actions in the first part. They are all the same acting characters. In addition to the sequels of the film (book), continuing the work, prequels can also be created (they describe events that occurred earlier in time than in the first work).

Also known remakes - in fact, a new vision of a movie or a book by another director, with a different script and new actors. If the sequel is the second part, then there is still a triquel - the third part of the work. One of the most famous examples of the sequels of books can be considered the continuation of Dumas's book The Three Musketeers - the novel Twenty Years Later, from the world of cinema - the movie Terminator and his sequel - Terminator 2.

The so-called "spiritual prequels" are also known. In such works there is no common storyline, but they use common thematic ideas, concepts, and therefore such films or books can be classified as sequels.

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