What is a temple, everyone probably knows

Many people faced the problem of pain in the temples. And often it lasts for hours. Therefore, what is a temple, knows a fairly large number of people. But why are there pains and how to eliminate them? Where are the whiskey man? About this - further in the article.

Anatomical description: what is the temple

The temporal bone is part of the bones that make up the human skull, designed mainly to reliably protect the brain, which is the main center of control of the individual’s vital activity, as well as performing the functions of thinking and preserving memory.

Let's look at what a temple is. The temporal bone is a steam room, has the right and left parts, located on both sides of the skull. It starts from the top of the junction with the frontal and parietal bones, at the back it connects to the occipital. Anteriorly attached to the eye canal and connected to the bottom of the base of the skull, where the mandibular bone is attached. In this way,it forms the lateral surface of the skull and in its central recess forms the ear canal, where the tympanic part of the hearing aid is located, as well as the organ of balance. This entire area is covered by the temporal muscle.

Causes of pain in the temples

Pain in the temples can also be with one or both sides. Some doctors believe the cause of these pains is a lack of fresh air, dehydration, long lasting stress. In women, it is associated with the menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy. In addition, there is reason to believe that the cause may be hyper- or hypotension, spastic conditions of cerebral vessels, migraines, and infectious diseases such as colds, flu, sinusitis, food poisoning. Mental disorders that cause lack of sleep, poor intermittent sleep, hysteria, neurosis, etc. also contribute to the occurrence of pain. There is evidence that modern food, which has in its composition preservatives, nitrites and nitrates, causes pain in the temples.

what is the temple

Headache treatment, including in the temporal part of the head

So, the cause of the pain is established.What is a temple? This is only part of the head. And the pain can move inside the skull. But if it is still concentrated in the temples, then the first thing that some experts suggest is to drink a glass of water or go out into the fresh air. If the pain is associated with the disease of other organs, consultation with the appropriate physicians is necessary.

And secondly, you can make a light acupressure, apply a warm or cool compress.

 where are the whiskey man

If pain occurs from eyestrain, which is often the case for people who spend a lot of time behind the monitor, then again, it is necessary to give this pair of organs a rest, walking in the fresh air and enjoying the sky, nature.

If the reason for the indisposition is hypertension, you need to relax, drink tea with lemon. With reduced pressure you need to drink a cup of coffee, eat chocolate. Drink juice with a high content of vitamin C. If you can, you can do several asanas of hatha yoga, and then begin regular exercises to eliminate the physical causes of pain.

And only as a last resort, if all the above recommendations do not bring results, take medications, after consulting with a physician or neuropathologist.

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