What is a virus?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
July 31, 2012
What is a virus?

Viruses today are not only biological, but also software. This article contains the definitions of both of these two concepts. We will tell you what a human virus is and what a virus is from the point of view of computer programs. With the latter type of viruses, perhaps, let's start.

What is a computer virus

A virus in a computer is a specially created program that can disrupt the operation of other programs on a personal computer, can spoil information, slow down the operation of a computer or make it impossible to use it at all.

Computer viruses can be both very dangerous (for example, they can destroy some of the information on your computer), and less dangerous. So, for example, the author of this article somehow "caught" the virus on the Internet, because of which every time after midnight, a sign saying "You are not sleeping? Well, go to bed!" Jumped out about every few minutes. It would seem - quite harmless. However, it is unpleasant and annoying.As everyone knows, special anti-virus programs help to destroy viruses and block their users.

Human virus

This concept is more complex and extensive. He is devoted to many scientific articles, books and papers. Let's try to figure out what a virus is.

Viruses are not any living creatures. Viruses have no cells and cannot convert food into energy. Without a person, it is only small bunches of chemicals. However, viruses are able to multiply, and they have genes. The term “virus” (virus) is derived from the Latin word, which means “poison” or “dirty liquid”. Interestingly, viruses can infect not only humans and animals, but also plants, fungi, and even single-celled organisms, as well as bacteria. The so-called mamaviruses are able to infect other viruses.

What is the papilloma virus

We should also talk about the papillomavirus, as very many users of the global Internet are interested in this topic.

Under the papilloma, as a rule, understand the benign tumor of the skin. If there is a lot of papillomas, then this disease is called papillomatosis. The most common occurrence of papillomas is caused by human papillomavirus (or abbreviated HPV), which is a DNA-containing virus.

Papillomas, as a consequence of the papillomavirus, is a type of tumor that develops from the flat epithelium and bulges out over part of the skin surface as a growth. Such papillomas can be found on the skin, in the nose, often on the genitals and even in the oral cavity. Papilloma can have a different color.

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