What is building climatology

Construction is an important and responsible process. This particularly applies to the construction of high-rise buildings and structures with a complex architecture. It is worth noting that one of the most important moments in the design of a building is compliance with the rules dictated by building climatology and geophysics.building climatology


The fact is that in each individual area there is its own climatic zone. It is determined by the rainy season, the minimum and maximum temperature, and the strength of the wind. In addition, each separately taken terrain has its own characteristic soil type, the presence or absence of groundwater and the seismic component. That is why the construction climatology of the SNiP was created, which contains a set of rules and tables of calculations. They are necessary in the development of types of foundation, heating and ventilation systems, as well as for the creation of complex structures. It is worth noting that when using these materials, it is possible to correctly calculate not only the device itself, but also the quantity and type of materials that are ideally suited for these conditions.building climatology snip

Construction climatology when choosing materials

Since each locality has its own temperature regimes, during the construction one should select a certain type of insulation. For hot areas it is recommended to use special materials that would impede the penetration of sunlight and serve as a kind of cooler. During construction in cold climates, it is necessary to use all available types of insulation, but at the same time it is necessary to focus on humidity in order not to get the opposite effect. Also building climatology is important when choosing the type of foundation. This especially applies to areas with increased seismic activity or prone to frequent flooding. It should take into account the presence of groundwater and the location of natural water bodies. This is especially important when working in places located near the seas or oceans. Construction climatology in such cases does not recommend the use of metal structures, since the air in such areas contains a high salt content, which, in turn, cause corrosion.Also in such areas, strong winds constantly blow, and at certain times of the year there are even storms. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the foundation and the roof.building climatology and geophysics


In addition to its main function, building climatology helps save a lot. The fact is that using it in the early stages of design, you can choose the optimal amount of materials that are suitable for this type of terrain. This will help get rid of waste materials. For example, you can eliminate excess insulation, replace some trim elements, etc. In this case, responsible designers use the savings to create additional comfort. For example, you can arrange additional ventilation or protect the roof from heating.

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