What is mulching?

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What is mulching?

In agriculture, there is such a term called "mulching". What is its essence and what is it used for? Consider what is mulching.

The essence of mulching

Mulching is understood to mean covering the soil with a layer of manure, compost, etc. This process is necessary in order to protect the soil from pests, as well as to give it some properties that will improve its impact on crops. For mulching can be used a variety of materials. At the moment in agriculture the process of mulching is well established, it is the most effective in healing plants. The most popular mulching in the US and Canada.

Pluses of mulching

Mulching has the following advantages:

  • Thanks to mulching, water is stored in the soil;
  • Thanks to mulching, it is possible to successfully fight weeds, prevent soil erosion, preserve its looseness;
  • Mulching, as a rule, does not harm the soil, if it was carried out competently;
  • Mulching also helps protect the soil from freezing.

Types of mulching

The material for mulching can be ordinary grass, hay, cardboard, paper, cut into small pieces, bark, and even ordinary leaves. Such mulching is called organic. Inorganic mulch is plastic, gravel, sand, as well as geotextiles and carbon black. Sleeping weeds with mulch leads to the fact that they do not receive sunlight and die. Read more about how you can blurt out and destroy weeds, see the article How to get rid of weeds.

Pros and cons of types of mulching

Each type of mulch has its drawbacks. For example, an organic type of mulch is able to attract various pests, in addition, it attracts birds, which are capable of pulling away material for building nests. Therefore, organic mulching needs regular use.

Inorganic mulching, despite the fact that it does not attract pests and birds, can harm other plants, as it can be carried by the wind. Thus, particles of materials that were used in mulching will be on the plants and can harm their growth and development.

For the implementation of the process of mulching used specialized machines. The most widespread semitrailer machines for mulching. These are the so-called mulchers, which have special body distributors, mulching material.

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