What is the best antivirus for android?

What is the best antivirus for android?

  1. 360Norm
  2. Antivirus Free is the lightest anti-virus that does not consume battery power, but it performs all the main antivirus functions to protect against malicious applications, monitoring the resources of the Android device in real time. Antivirus Free is designed with a simple and intuitive interface. This antivirus perfectly suits users who appreciate the simplicity and ease of working with the program, but at the same time they think about protecting their smartphone.
  3. Casper
  4. 360 crap full do not even put
  5. Read here ....

    Free antivirus for Android failed on tests

    Many free antivirus products can not provide enough effective protection for smartphones on the Android platform, thus introducing users into confusion about the safety of their devices.

    Tests conducted by the AV-Test.org laboratory showed that the best free antivirus for Android, Zoner Antivirus, detected 32% of 160 latest threats. The remaining six free antiviruses are much behind it, the best of the latter identified only 10% of threats, and one of them did not detect a single virus.

    AV-Test.org tested seven free antivirus products downloaded from the Android Market (found on request "antivirus"). The most common application is Antivirus Free (Creative Apps), which is used by more than a million users. But this is several times less than the number of users of Lookout Mobile Security and AVG DroidSecurity, 12 and 10 million, respectively. AV-Test.org did not test these products because Lookout offers paid anti-virus software, and DroidSecurity because it was recently acquired by AVG.

    This omission does not mean that the test results of AV-Test.org are comprehensive. But even they are a shocking revelation on the antivirus front of Android, especially because they are produced by respected anti-virus companies.

    Each of the tested products was installed on an Android smartphone that was intentionally infected with inactive samples of 150 viruses for Android. AV-Test.org tested all programs to identify these samples.

    AV-Test.org included in the test F-Secure Mobile Security and Kaspersky Mobile Security for comparison. Both Kaspersky and F-Secure discovered more than 50% of all threats, this is noticeably better than the results of free products.

    The second part of the testing included deliberate attempts to infect newly updated 10 devices with viruses for Android. Products F-Secure and Kaspersky detected and blocked all samples. Zoner Antivirus blocked eight, while six other free antiviruses blocked either one or none. BluePoint AntiVirus Free, Kinetoo Malware Scan and Privateer Lite detected only one virus. Antivirus Free by Creative Apps, GuardX Antivirus and LabMSF Antivirus beta failed the test completely.

    "In general, free products did not show good results (with the exception of one), but paid applications showed significantly better results," said Andreas Marks, executive director of AV-Test.org. "We are working on a critical article and will focus our attention on paid applications."

    Marx explained the lack of Lookout and DroidSecurity tests. "The choice of products is based on the criteria for the frequency of use of various free antiviruses (according to the Android market) .We wanted to reduce the number of tested products to ten, in time to conduct scheduled tests," - said Marx.

    "In our first testing of Android, we focused on free antiviruses (two paid Kaspersky and F-Secure products were tested for comparison only) We believe that Lookout is a commercial product despite the availability of its free version of DroidSecurity It was not tested because it was recently acquired by AVG Technologies, and we also believe that this is a commercial product. "

    Other security products for Android will be tested by AV-Test.org in the near future.

    The full text of AVTest.org's report on testing Android antiviruses can be found here:

  6. AVG is a free version, good thing
  7. Do not listen to fools. free is not an antivirus and garbage. The best antivirus from paid it is Kaspersky and Doctor Web. although the first quickly consumes the battery, so putting it with a weak battery will cause some inconvenience. of the free best antivirus is Dr. Web Light, Avast, AVG (this is essentially a scanner and not the antivirus itself). personally I have a Casper, Dr. Web Light, avast at the same time. each compensates for defects. And do not listen to fools. You put FREE pour in sooner or later. It will be interesting to upgrade or work with androyd write I will answer))
  8. Dr. Web
  9. Android is a robotelektte that manages your phone and not you them so the antivirus is worthless
  10. avast
  11. Kaspersky
  12. .
  13. Kaspersky, it can be fooled by the date
  14. Kaspersky
  15. avast
  16. 360 will come down
  17. Casper
  18. Casper.

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