What is the status bar of Android?

In the Android operating system, as in iOS, and inWindows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone has many ways to control and adjust the operation of the device. One of the simplest of them is through the "settings" section. In this application, the user can monitor the status of the device and receive detailed information about all processes occurring in the smartphone. But there is a way to control much simpler. Many know perfectly well what will be discussed. But this option was hardly given much importance. So, the easiest way to control the phone is the status bar "Android".

status bar

How does it look?

The status line is easy to find: it is always at the very top of the display and is visible even in almost any open applications (except, of course, video). By the way, often it is painted in the general color of the application, which is open: a browser or YouTube, for example.

And many manufacturers like to install in their smartphones various add-ons: the so-called "shell". And these same shells can change the design of the status bar

What is contained?

In the status bar, each user can find the battery indicator of the device, the active SIM card, and the audio mode that is currently on.

Plus, the status bar displays the current time, and sometimes the date.

In addition, many applications add their own solutions and options, allowing you to track their work, icons and symbols are also displayed on the status bar "Android."

For example, the application of the social network Instagram,if you enable the appropriate settings, displays in the status bar notifications of new subscribers, likes of photos or messages in Direct. Thanks to this, users always know what's new in their account.

status bar android

And the YouTube video sharing application posts notifications about new published videos to the "Android status bar" section.

Thanks to her users of the VKontakte application always know what music is playing in their playlist, and who writes them comments under the posts and personal messages.

Naturally, most applications provide an opportunity for all users to configure which notifications will be displayed in the "Status Bar" section.

What does access give?

From the column "Status bar" you can "pull out"a notification shutter, in which there are many different functions, from turning the sound modes on and off, to activating the flight mode.

status bar with

Many manufacturers tend to install their own add-ins to the initial version of Android. Still these superstructures are called shells.

For example, an extended period of time SamsungThe TouchWiz shell was literally hated by many users for the presence of a huge number of malfunctions and high consumption of the device's RAM. Now the company has switched to the interface Samsung UX.

So, these shells often change the curtainsnotifications beyond recognition. And not only in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality. For example, the developers of the same Samsung very much like to take out a lot of small, but important functions from the "Settings" section in the bar-panel curtains. Moreover, from her notifications you can go to the device settings section itself. By the way, many consider this quite convenient.

What are the problems with it?

Often it happens that the status bar simply disappears from the screen without any reason. And many users start to panic. But do not despair.

First, you need to wait a bit. No matter how comical and banal it may sound, it's true. Sometimes the problem is solved by itself.

Secondly, it helps reboot the device, which is more likely to return the status bar to its original location.

android status bar

Thirdly, it is possible that the problem lies in thethird-party add-ons that are installed by the user. The so-called "launchers" have the feature of occasionally hiding the section "Status bar" from the display. So be careful with the installed software.

In general, as can be seen from the above, the mainthe reason that the status bar most often disappears is the imperfection of the software installed on the device. It is likely that either removing or updating this software will help solve the problem of missing the status bar.

The result

In the end, it turns out that the status bar of AndroidIs a really useful tool that helps users not only monitor battery power and Internet connection speed, but also monitor many processes that occur in the device itself and in the various applications that are installed on it.

And the absence of this tool significantly complicateslife to gadget owners for the reason that the status bar contains a lot of useful information that is always at hand, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

And many manufacturers, realizing the importance of the status bar in the Android OS, try to supplement it with various functions and convert so that it is even more convenient for them to read various data from it.

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