What to cook quickly?

The uninvited guests came to you or were going to descend for half an hour, but you don’t want to seem like an inhospitable hostess, so you think you should cook quickly, but make it tasty? In this article, we present a few recipes for various dishes that will not be ashamed to feed the guests, or simply their dear household.


What to quickly prepare guests of the drinks? Not everyone uses their favorite vodka, or other alcoholic beverages, which are used to regale guests. And what are the gatherings without drinks? Tea can be prepared by everyone, but not everyone can surprise the guests with a glare, or a milkshake.

Banana cocktail

You will need: a blender (or a mixer), milk, ice cream, a banana (preferably very ripe, of course, without the peel). Put all ingredients in a blender and start it. Mix until smooth. In addition to bananas, you can use any fruit that you have, an interesting cocktail is obtained from kiwi (you first need to clean it).In addition, you can not add fruits at all, but replace them with a syrup (if available), or popsicles. The proportions of milk and ice cream - to taste, a banana is enough for 3-4 servings.

Glazed coffee

You will need: coffee, ice cream, optional syrup and chocolate chips. Prepare the coffee, what is, or what guests prefer (natural, instant), and add ice cream to each cup on top, the more it will be, the tastier. Also, ice cream can be decorated with chocolate chips and pour syrup.

Salads and appetizers

Many salads and snacks can be quickly and easily prepared, they will be a salvation for any hostess, here are a few recipes.


Small sandwiches on skewers will not only feed the guests, but also decorate the table. All that is in the refrigerator and skewers will be useful (if the latter are not present, you can replace them with toothpicks). All the ingredients that are decided to use (for example: cheese, sausages, sausage, prunes, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits, bread, gherkins), cut into cubes. In the case of tomatoes, tomatoes and prunes cut in half. Stringing cubes in the desired order on skewers and beautifully spread on a dish.You can combine products as you like, for example: cheese with fruit, fruit canapés, fish canapés, canapés with sausage and so on.

Garlic toasts

Perfect for a beer. Preparation: Bread (preferably dark) cut into long pieces, rub with salt and garlic, and fry in a pan using sunflower oil. Serve hot.

Lavash roll

For the filling you can choose what you want, in the same recipe the filling will consist of crab sticks, eggs, onions and mayonnaise. Eggs must first be boiled and cooled (it will be faster with cold water). Onions, crab sticks and eggs finely chopped, lay out the pita bread on the table (if it is very thin, then it’s better in 2 layers), spread the pita bread with mayonnaise, and evenly spread the stuffing on top. Screw the pita bread into a roll. Serve chopped, in addition, the dish can be decorated with greens.

Fruit salad

For fruit salad you can use various fruits: bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, etc. Fruits cut into cubes or slices. And fill with either yogurt or sour cream mixed with sugar.

Salad with crackers

Ingredients: tomatoes, cheese, sausage (boiled, smoked, semi-smoked, ham - what is), crackers, mayonnaise. All the ingredients are cut as you like (straws, diced, slices). Season with mayonnaise, salt, mix, and finally add the croutons, once again mix everything up.

Fish salad

It will require: canned fish 2 pieces (saury or mackerel in their own juice), 3 eggs, a small onion, mayonnaise. Boil eggs, peel and chop finely, chop the onion well. In this case, the smaller, the better. Shift the fish into a convenient dish and chop with a fork, add chopped eggs and onions to the fish, mix everything thoroughly, until a homogeneous slurry. The resulting salad can be served as just in a plate decorated with greens, and spread on sandwiches like fish paste.

Hot dishes

If the guests are seriously hungry, the question arises: what to cook to eat quickly from the hot? And here come to the aid of pasta. Since their preparation takes little time, as well as little labor.

Spaghetti with sauce

Spaghetti stew 8-10 minutes. Load them into a pot of salted water, and add a little olive oil (or vegetable), so as not to stick together. While the spaghetti is boiled, make the sauce.

First sauce: tomatoes (or tomato paste), sausage (or sausages), onions, spices, salt. We cut sausages into strips; if we use tomatoes, we clean them of peel and stem, and rub them on a grater, or we twist them with the help of a combine. Next we shift the pasta (tomatoes), sausage straw and chopped onion into a frying pan with sunflower oil, salt and season with spices, fry for 5-7 minutes. Boiled spaghetti shifts in a colander, and let the water drain. Put them on plates, pour sauce and feed guests.

Sauce second: with seafood. You can use any set of seafood. While spaghetti is boiled, place the seafood in boiling water for 3-5 minutes (pre-salt it and add spices). After the allotted time, we shift the seafood into a colander, wait until the water is drained, then send them to the pan with sunflower oil, add mayonnaise, onions, spices and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Pasta is ready. In addition, you can use the option with tomato paste and seafood.

What to quickly cook in a slow cooker

If you have such a helper in the kitchen as a slow cooker, then the options than to treat the guests you have a great many.And the most important thing is that all you have to do is load the products into the device, the multicooker will do the rest itself while you communicate with your guests. We give a couple of recipes.

Shrimp rice

It will be required for 6 servings: long grain rice (2 measuring cups), peeled shrimps (0.5 kg), a few cloves of garlic, spices, fresh parsley, and salt. We pour the rice into the slow cooker, pour water up to the mark that corresponds to 2m measuring glasses, and cook it in the usual mode (“Rice”, “Pilau” or “Buckwheat”), but 5 minutes less time. While the rice is cooked, fry the defrosted shrimps in butter, garlic and spices for 2-3 minutes. After the crock-pot has signaled about the end of rice cooking, open the crock-pot, and pour the contents of the pan there, add the chopped parsley, mix thoroughly and turn on the “Stewing” mode for 5-8 minutes.


It will take 4 servings: minced 500g. (any), milk or cream 1 cup, a couple of pieces of bread (without it), one egg white, onion, salt and spices to taste. Soak the bread in milk, whip the protein until frothy with a mixer, chop onion finely.All ingredients are mixed with meat to a uniform consistency, you can use the combine. From the mixture obtained, make small patties and send to the slow cooker, prepare for 25 minutes, the "Steamed" mode.

Now you have a few recipes for what to cook on a quick hand.

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