What to give to the wedding to your friends?

Wedding is an important period in the life of any young couple. For newlyweds, every detail is important when organizing a wedding, so they are subject to strong stress when preparing for the wedding. But not only they are preparing. The task of friends and relatives is to choose a good original gift for the future family. At times, this task becomes very difficult.

Next, we consider in more detail what to present to the wedding to friends.

Gifts from a group of friends

If you are not constrained by finances that you can spend on a gift for future newlyweds, then it becomes much easier to choose. After all, you can donate a good car or any expensive, but necessary equipment. You can also donate a trip abroad for two. For example, in a sea cruise on the islands of the Pacific Ocean or any other.

But it rarely happens when an expensive gift is presented by one person, so you can join forces with other friends and relatives of the bride and groom. Together you can buy something very substantial and expensive.However, such gifts will require a lot of cash investments.

It is also worth asking the newlyweds what they want to receive as a gift.

Simple gifts

In this case, preference is given to just inexpensive gifts, but practical. You can buy household appliances. It is especially useful if the bride and groom will live separately from their parents. Kitchen appliances are always a welcome gift in a young family.

You can also donate a robot vacuum cleaner that will take on the routine, boring duties of the head of the family to clean the house. By accompanying this gift with a funny poem, you will amuse the guests and the newlyweds at the wedding.

A great gift for the wedding will be utensils, repair tools, bed linen and many other cheap, but necessary things. You should always focus on things that can certainly be useful in the economy. Choose a gift is easy, if you think about what you could come in handy in the house.

Original gifts

Original gifts are often a surprise for the newlyweds. For example, you can give a ride on horseback, a balloon flight, or even a parachute jump or rope.

You can arrange colorful expensive fireworks during a banquet or come up with a beautiful addition to the wedding process itself. For example, to distribute beautiful butterflies to all guests and let them out together, be sure to capture it on camera.

You can give a beautiful picture, where the newlyweds will be depicted. This so-called work of art will decorate the interior of the house of the newlyweds. For example, you can take a famous picture and add images of newlyweds to it. This can be made to order in the photo salon.

One of the bright gifts to friends for the wedding will be the performance of famous artists. A mini-concert of your favorite music group during the banquet will cause complete delight among the newlyweds.


Gifts-jokes are comic trinkets that allow you to play the newlyweds before you present the main gift. Many gifts-pranks can be found in specialized stores or made to order.

Especially popular today are various certificates and diplomas of the newlyweds, medals for bravery, cups, figurines, special comic signs on the door, etc. You can also order funny bedding, T-shirts and other clothes with pictures. Such gifts can be given together with the main gift.

But the best gift at the wedding, perhaps, is the money that can at least partially recoup the cost of the wedding. Banquet, dress and other wedding preparations are very expensive for the newlyweds, and the money as a gift will at least partially block the cash costs.

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