What to pierce yourself?

Piercing as a means to change and decorate your body has long been a popular phenomenon in the modern world, and many people (both young and quite mature) are wondering what to pierce. Of course, one of the most common types of piercing is ear piercing. However, you can pierce anything.

The puncture itself can hardly be beautiful, but the decoration inserted into it is a completely different conversation. So that you can pierce yourself:

  • Ears
  • Parts of the face (lips, nose, eyebrow, nose)
  • Language
  • Navel
  • Nipples and genitalia
  • Neck (neck), etc.

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How to pierce the ears?

The easiest piercing, like the most common one, is piercing the ears. However, you can pierce your ears in different ways. Let's stop on ear piercing in more detail. It can be simple (one puncture) or difficult (industrial).

Ear piercing options:

  1. Handbag
  2. Helix (puncture of the upper curl of the outer ear)
  3. Industrial - 2 ear punctures, connecting with one ornament, usually a barbell.
  4. Tragus (puncture trestle)
  5. Antitragus (puncture protivokozelka)
  6. Other auricular cartilage punctures: rook, daith, snug

Mouth piercing

  • Puncture lip bridle
  • Tongue piercing
  • Puncture bridle tongue.

Some punctures in the oral cavity remain completely invisible to others: for example, the puncture of the lower frenulum of the lips is noticeable only when wearing a large piece of jewelry. A pierced tongue is also not visible if it is not advertised; but the puncture of the upper bridle can be observed if the person has a wide smile. This puncture is even called "Smile".

Lip piercing

  • Monroe / Madonna / Crawford - Piercing, imitating a mole above the upper lip.
  • Labret vertical and horizontal. A pierced lip with a vertical version looks more attractive than with a horizontal one.
  • Medusa - through lip piercing, a type of labret, puncture located in the labial groove.
  • Estrum is a type of jellyfish piercing, in which both ends of the jewelry are visible outside.

Cheek and eyebrow piercing

When piercing the cheeks can be done as a through puncture into the oral cavity, and anti-eyebrow - a puncture of the cheek in the area under the eye. At the same time through puncture of the cheek imitates dimples. An anti-eyebrow piercing can be done as a self-sufficient puncture, or you can create a symmetry with a pierced eyebrow.

The eyebrow can be pierced in different ways, but it is worth remembering that the pierced eyebrow is quite “capricious”, and the positive outcome of the healing of the piercing depends largely on the master. Eyebrow piercing options:

  • Vertical (most popular)
  • Horizontal
  • At an angle.

Nose piercing

The most common type of nose piercing is a puncture nostril (wing of the nose). It may take 6 to 8 weeks for the puncture to heal completely.

Options for how to pierce the nose:

  • Nostril - puncture of the wing of the nose, or both wings.
  • Bridge (horizontal, vertical). With this type of piercing, skin tissue is punctured at the nose at the level of the eye or eyebrows. In the role of jewelry is usually a bar, as in the case of piercing the ear of the industrial type.
  • Septum - puncture of the septum between the nostrils.
  • Nasallang is a combination of puncture nostrils and septum. In this case, all the punctures are united by one ornament (barbell).

Belly button piercing

Navel piercing is most common among women, but for men it also looks very attractive. Options, how to pierce the navel, not so much: a puncture of the upper part of the navel or the bottom. About how the navel piercing procedure takes place, is written in one of the articles of the site.

Piercing of the genitals and nipples

Extremely piercing options include piercing nipples and genitals. Proponents of these options piercing say that it has a positive effect on the feelings of both partners during sexual intercourse.

For some people, intimate piercing to abstain from sex while healing a puncture is a big problem, but it is a necessity that cannot be neglected.

Pierced nipples are popular with both men and women. However, women who decide to pierce their nipples are very concerned about the issue of subsequent breastfeeding. Experts do not see any problem for feeding in a professionally made piercing, however, it is strongly recommended to remove jewelry during breastfeeding.

Body piercing

It is possible to pierce the skin in any part of the body, but this piercing does not always take root. The rejection of the decoration can occur both due to the mobility of the body area, and for many other reasons. Piercing on the neck can be done on the back of the head or front, and if you remove the jewelry, it creates the effect of a vampire bite.

Piercing: Major Risks

To decide once and for all that it is difficult to pierce yourself. However, this "flour of choice" does not end there. After all, it is very important to take a responsible attitude to the choice of the salon and the master who will make you pierced. In this case, in no case can you save and, moreover, do the piercing on your own or at home.

Any intervention in the body is fraught with negative consequences, the piercing is no exception. Possible complications of piercing include:

  • Allergic reactions (to not high-quality decoration, anesthesia).
  • Infections. In this case, the infection can get into the puncture, both during piercing (in case of a wrong choice of the salon) and after, if the recommendations of the master are not followed.
  • The rejection of the decoration (possibly for various reasons). Piercing may not heal, then the jewelry will have to be removed, and a scar will flaunt on the spot of the healed puncture.

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