What do you need for makeup?

Make-up is not just applying decorative cosmetics, but also correcting the shape of the face, skin color, masking its minor defects.

The main thing that is needed for make-up is that the color gamut of decorative means is harmoniously combined with the natural color of the hair, eyes and skin of a woman, with ornaments, clothing and manicure. Make-up should be appropriate and appropriate to the situation, lighting, even the time of year and day. At present, it is customary to separate day (daily) and evening (solemn) makeup, and according to the color scheme - warm, cold and natural.

Makeup tools

Make-up can be applied using minimal tools at hand, but it is much more convenient and proper to use special tools. In order to determine what is needed for makeup for you, you should understand the range of tools and their purpose. For the application of various means, apply sponges and sponges, puffs, brushes, applicators, brushes.

  • Sponges are soft, spongy, finely porous pieces of foam rubber with a delicate texture of different shapes.The most preferred triangular shape, which allows you to smoothly impose a tone on all parts of the face, even under the eyes. Sponges are applied makeup base, corrective and tonal means.
  • Powder powder is applied over the base with a patting motion and the makeup is corrected (refreshed) during the day. The use of puffs provides a snug fit powder.
  • Brushes as a means of applying makeup are used very widely, especially for applying professional makeup. Brushes are distinguished by the material of the pile: with natural pile and artificial, as well as combined. In shape, they can be round and flat. According to the use of makeup brushes, they are distinguished on eye makeup brushes, pencils, shading brushes, brushes for applying blush and powder, and tonal brush.
  • Applicators are usually spongy and are used to apply eye shadows to the eyelids.

Makeup products

First of all, make-up needs healthy skin. Doctors do not recommend using decorative cosmetics for allergic reactions, skin injuries, pustular rashes. Makeup products on the market in large quantities.

From the entire range of products you need to choose the one that suits you (your skin). This is a makeup or tonal foundation (tonal foundation, cream powder, etc.), powder, corrective treatment (if you use it), blush, bronzer (if you need it), eye shadows, lip pencils, eyes, eyebrow and mascara.

  • The makeup base is designed to hide skin irregularities, give it a perfect appearance, slightly change the natural shade. The sharp contrast between the natural tone and the color of the base looks unnatural and slightly vulgar. A difference of one tone is darker or lighter.
  • Blush is applied over the base. They are used to correct the shape of the face along certain lines. Places of drawing depend on what effect you wish to achieve.
  • Powder completes the application of tonal and corrective means. The light crumbly texture lays down with the thinnest layer, removes the oily shine of the skin, evens out its tone and makes the transitions between the applied means imperceptible. Modern powders contain light-reflecting particles and protective substances that give the skin a soft shine and velvety appearance, protecting it from the external environment.
  • Shadows for eyes and eyebrows have a huge number of colors and shades. Can be liquid, solid and crumbly. Applied to correct and emphasize the shape of the eyebrows and eyes.
  • Pencils for lips, eyes and eyebrows are designed to give clear and brighter contours to the eyes (emphasize the lines of the upper and lower eyelids, model the "arrows"), eyebrows (make them slightly darker, even out the color and emphasize the shape) and lips (outline the contours of the lips before applying lipstick).
  • Lipsticks and lip gloss protect, care and emphasize beauty. In the summer they use moisturizers, in the cold season - nutritious.
  • Eye mascara stains each eyelash, lifts it, fixes it in a certain position, protects and cares. The carcasses for the eyes are divided into lengthening, giving volume, waterproof. For people prone to allergies, produce special tools.

For convenience, you can use a makeup kit. Then all the tools will always be at hand.

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