Where is Ryazan?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
April 8, 2015
Where is Ryazan?

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Ryazan - the ancient Russian city, was founded in 1095. Today, Ryazan is considered one of the largest cities in Russia - one of the thirty largest cities in terms of population, the population of Ryazan is about 500 thousand people. Probably everyone has heard of this city, but not everyone knows where Ryazan is located.

Ryazan is located almost in the center of the East European Plain, on the right bank of the Oka River, in the place where the Trubezh River flows into it.

The city is located in close proximity to Moscow. The distance between Moscow and Ryazan is 180 km. Ryazan "lives" in one hour-long train with Moscow, that is, the offset relative to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is +3 hours.

The city covers an area of ​​about 224 km2.

Ryazan: important points

Ryazan is conditionally divided into four districts - Moscow, Soviet, Zheleznodorozhny and October. In fact, the city center is located in the Soviet area, but the geographical center is located in Zheleznodorozhny - at the intersection of Gagarin streets and the 4th line.

The highest point of Ryazan is the area of ​​the 50th anniversary of October, which, like the geographical center of the city, is located in the Zheleznodorozhny district of the city.

The lowest point of Ryazan is the floodplain of the Oka village in the resort area of ​​the city - Solotcha.

Ryazan is a city that has preserved a lot of interesting sights of past years, including the beautiful Kremlin, and the Kremlin wall has been preserved in excellent condition. Not far from the city there is the state museum-reserve of the famous poet Sergei Yesenin, in which you can also visit the preserved Yesenins' estate, built by the poet's grandfather.

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