Why is mom crying?

Denis Mulchin
Denis Mulchin
March 29, 2013
Why is mom crying?

Tears of a woman can be very different, like herself. The son can say: I saw my mother crying, taking me to the army, and this is normal. Mother Nature has endowed women with greater emotionality and impressionability, which they often compensate for in tears. It happens that a woman, mother, you just need to cry, a tear gives her the strength to continue to live, rejoice and smile. A contradictory statement, but it is. As many dream books say, if in a dream a mother cries, then some kind of trouble awaits you. Let's get this straight.

Tears - a way to communicate with the outside world

Crying is the first mode of communication. A small child can only tell parents that he needs something. The mother of a two or three-month-old baby can easily discern these cries when the child wants to eat, when he is angry, or when something scares him. With the help of his tears, the little kid learns to communicate.

Tears - a stereotype of education

The common phrase: "Do not cry, you're a boy."From childhood, the people around them inspire the boys that tears are weakness and men do not cry. Therefore, having matured, they practically do not cry. Perhaps this is what leads men to be more susceptible to stressful diseases. Doctors say that people who are not capable of crying, often suffer from skin and eye diseases, and even mild stresses are harder to bear.

Tears - good or bad

Psychologists believe that tears and crying is an emotional defense that allows you to free your mind from all the negative effects of your environment. That is, tears can be called a kind of cleansing. The hardest tears and the reasons why a mother cries are the illness or death of a dear person who can break even a strong person. But only tears can throw out all the bitterness and suffering.

Cry right

Tearing is a natural and important physiological process. For healthy eyes, moisturizing is necessary, tears can be said to wash the eyes, thus maintaining cleanliness. According to experts, you can not cry in the pillow, rub your eyes with your hands or close them, it will lead to headaches, swollen face and red eyes.It is better to give free rein to your feelings, alone, to cry, and then wash your face with cool water. If there is swelling of the eyes, then you can remove it with a cool compress. If you have noticed that mom is crying in bed, then do not immediately think that something terrible has happened, maybe she just needs "detente."

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