Why is Raskolnikov suffering?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
February 21, 2013
Why is Raskolnikov suffering?

Roman FM Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" is a cult and raises eternal questions that everyone should answer for himself. One of these questions is: why does Raskolnikov suffer, what causes him to torment his soul, and what is the punishment?

A crime

Initially, Rodion Raskolnikov ponders the theory of a strong personality. As a young man and a nihilist, who believes that all the rules and foundations have become obsolete and bring nothing good to the new society, he wants to turn the weight of the world. He wants to fill him with strong personalities capable of anything, and, as you know, if you want to change the world, start with yourself. For the ideal of a strong personality Raskolnikov takes an outstanding man of his time - Napoleon Bonaparte. It is he who in his eyes is a strong personality, capable of everything for the sake of power, including murder.

Killing an old woman lender for Rodion becomes a test of his own soul.Putting himself an order of magnitude higher than ordinary people, “beasts of trembling,” Raskolnikov believes that he will be able to kill and remain calm, since this crime in his head looks like a boon in the name of society. Just as Bonaparte sacrificed part of the army, sending people to death to save the people, so Rodion decides to sacrifice the old woman for the sake of all those others who suffer.


But having committed a crime, Raskolnikov realizes that he is the same person as everyone else. It is the conscience that is the answer to the question of why Raskolnikov suffers and is tormented. He understands that he has taken a person’s life, committed an immoral act and has encroached on something that does not belong to him.

The punishment for Rodion is his suffering and remorse, which gradually turn into a persecution mania. All the time it seems to him that now they will come to arrest him, that the whole essence of his rotten little soul is about to be revealed.

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