"Zebra" (pie): a recipe for kefir in the oven and a multi-

The name of this pie is associated with the animal zebra,on the skin of which there are characteristic strips of white and black. "Zebra" is a pie, the recipe for kefir is presented in our article. It is made of dough of different colors: white and brown (from cocoa). Baking looks amazing, but it is very easy and fast.

A simple recipe for zebra pie

There are many recipes for making this pie: on sour cream, milk or kefir. The latter option and consider below. Very quickly and inexpensively you can make such a pie "Zebra".

zebra pie simple recipe on yogurt

A simple recipe for kefir suggests the following sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to beat 3 eggs with sugar (100 g).
  2. Add kefir and flour (½ tea). Then add the baking powder (½ bag).
  3. Divide the mass into two parts. In the first half, add flour (3 tablespoons), and in the other half - 100 g of cocoa.
  4. Shape the size of 22 cm oiled. In the center of the form, pour in turn two doughfuls of each color.
  5. To give the baking an attractive appearance, you need to make a knife line on the surface of the cake from the center to the edges.
  6. Bake cake for 35 minutes at 180 degrees.

"Zebra" (pie): a recipe for kefir with vegetable oil

We present one more recipe of delicious baking "in stripes". Using step by step instructions, you can prepare a large and magnificent pie "Zebra" on kefir.

zebra pie on kefir step-by-step recipe

A step-by-step cooking recipe consists of the following steps:

  1. Beat 4 eggs with sugar (160 g).
  2. In a sweet egg mass, add 330 ml of kefir. Mix.
  3. Add 5 tablespoons vegetable oil and a packet of baking powder (2¼ tsp).
  4. Introduce in the dough so much flour that came out the consistency of thick sour cream.
  5. Pour half the test into another container. Introduce into it cocoa powder (50 g).
  6. Pour the dough into a mold (diameter 28 cm). The cake turns out to be very high, so it is desirable to raise the sides of the form with parchment paper. Such quantity of the test can suffice even on some pies if they bake in the forms of small diameter.
  7. Bake cake should be at a temperature of 190 degrees 70 minutes.

"Zebra" cake: recipe for yogurt without eggs

Eggs in this recipe will replace soft tofu. This so-called soy cottage cheese is a protein-rich product that is made from soybeans. According to the recipe, it is necessary to take 300 g. In addition, you will need kefir (50 ml) and sugar (180 g). These 3 ingredients need to be beaten with a mixer. Then add vanillin (2 tsp), salt and soda (1/2 tsp), baking powder (1 tablespoon) into the dough. Stir the dough and let it "rest" for 5 minutes to allow the ingredients to react with the yogurt. After that, you can mix the flour (250 g) and corn oil (100 ml). Dough should be a consistency like thick paste.

zebra cake recipe on yogurtAll the batch is divided into two parts. In the first half, add the coffee mass, prepared from instant coffee, spoons of natural cocoa and water (1 tablespoon). After that, the dough can be alternately (2 tablespoons) spread in a mold (diameter 20 cm).

"Zebra" (pie), the recipe for kefir which is presented above, is baked for 50 minutes at 180 degrees. When serving, it can be sprinkled with powder or covered with sweet fondant.

Cake "Zebra" on kefir in the multivarquet: cooking recipes

This pie recipe is suitable for multivariate allmanufacturers. For its preparation, the "Baking" mode is applied. The duration of the pie in the multivark is 1 hour. "Zebra" (pie), the recipe for kefir is presented here, after cooling it is covered with chocolate fondant.

zebra pie on kefir in multivariate recipes According to the recipe, mix with a mixerkefir and sugar (1 glass each). Then add 3 eggs, a soft margarine (150 g), soda (1 teaspoon) and let the mass stand for 5 minutes on the table. After this, you can enter flour (2¼ cent.) And vanillin. Then the mass can be divided into two parts. In one half, add flour (¼ cent.), Add cocoa (2.5 tablespoons) in the second part.

Oil the cup of the multivark. Next pour the dough, alternating layers of different colors. After the pie is cooled, you need to cover it with chocolate fondant. To do this, mix sugar and cocoa (1 tablespoon), 50 ml of milk and a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan. Bring to a homogeneous consistency and immediately pour the fondant on the pie until it freezes.

Lovers of experiments in the kitchen likerecipe for pie "Zebra" with apples. For its preparation in a multivarker, it is necessary to knead dough from flour (300 g), warm fat kefir (250 ml), the same amount of sugar, soda (1 teaspoon) and eggs (3 pieces). When the dough is ready, it should be added to the cleaned and cut into small pieces of apple. The cake is baked in the multivark 55 minutes.

Baking can be served for tea or coffee. And you can eat a piece of cake, washing down a glass of fresh yogurt.

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